July 30, 2014
6 Comments The Cat's Me-Outfit

The Cat’s Me-Outfit

My two main hobbies are clothes and cats, so of course, anything that combines the two will most likely be snatched up the moment my eyes make contact with it in the store. I had seen this amazing cat face bodysuit on the Forever 21 website a few months ago, but thought, “There’s no way […]

June 27, 2018
8 Comments GinghamGals


Just wanted to share a few sweet photos of our outfits from this week! It’s been really fun to find matching outfits opportunities (like this one) so when I realized that I had ordered us both gingham summer outfits, well, we just had to have a matching day. I knew that I would love to […]

May 22, 2018
2 Comments Whatever Lola Wants

Whatever Lola Wants

For obvious reasons, that photo above is one of my favorites of all time! She’s just too delicious for words! I linked those overalls in the last “Whatever Lola Wants” and I did have to hem them a little since she’s a bit shorter than average (like her Mama) but I did it with a large stitch […]

May 16, 2018
2 Comments My Everyday Makeup Routine!

My Everyday Makeup Routine!

I love seeing what other products my friends can’t live without in their beauty boxes and I get a lot of questions about the makeup I wear on a regular basis so I thought an updated makeup routine post would be just the thing to pass along my favorites to any of you gals who […]

March 18, 2018
7 Comments Whatever Lola Wants...

Whatever Lola Wants…

This busy bee is 10 months old and standing all on her own like a champ! I think she still doesn’t totally understand that if she takes a step she can walk, but I’m pretty sure she’ll figure it out any day now since she can bend down to pick things up and go right back […]