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March 31, 2013

His + Hers Fox Easter Baskets

Happy Easter! We are hanging outside today enjoying this beautiful Easter Sunday, but I wanted to share a quick (ten minutes, seriously!) project that I did this weekend. I found these adorable felt fox Easter baskets at Target this weekend, and I decided they just had to be our new Easter tradition. The foxes were already as cute as can be, but I decided to add a few finishing touches to make them more personalized to Todd and me.

I made a hat (for Todd’s fox) and a pink bow and eyelashes (for mine) out of felt and used tacky glue to secure them on to the baskets. Once the glue was dry, they were ready to be filled with candy!

In case you’re wondering, Todd’s basket is full of the “sweet tart/lemon head” variety of sweets, and mine is full of the “chocolate covered pretzels/buncha crunch” sort of thing. We always have to have separate candy at movie theaters since we usually go for different ends of the sweets spectrum, but at least that also means you don’t have to share!

Hope you’re having a relaxing holiday as well!