December 9, 2014

Dress For The Holiday You Want (Not The Holiday You Have)

I have this weird love affair with dressing up. I’ve been known to scour the discount clothing store racks looking for the $300 evening gowns that have been marked down to $25 because of a stuck zipper or small stain. When others see pretty dresses and think, “It’s lovely, but I have no event to wear it to,” I think, “It’s lovely and I’ll make me a damn event to wear it to.” I even instituted an annual (and fancy) Summer Date Night just so I could make sure any floor length chiffon dresses I came across were given a night on the town. Anyways, my mind starts with a special dress and then makes the plans to fit the outfit. Backwards? Maybe, but it makes getting dressed so much more fun.

I apply the same rules when it comes to holiday attire and I start looking for Christmas/New Years Eve party dresses a few months before the events. For me, holiday dresses mean two things whenever possible; loads of sequins and very tall heels. This year, to find my holiday dress I teamed up again with Lulu’s, and because of the insane amount of party dresses they have in stock, it was really easy to find the perfect match for me. There were so many adorable ones to choose from (like this, this, and this one), but the shimmer of black and white sequins won out. There are few things in life I love more than a full sequin dress—it just puts you in immediate party mode—and even if the heels get kicked off by the end of the night, at least they looked great for the first half.                                                  Dress, Shoes, and Clutch c/o Lulu’s

I told you how I’ve been getting more into red this year so I thought I’d add some into my holiday attire with the bright red heels and lipstick. It’s still a slow trickle of rosy items, but it’s been a fun change-up from my usual picks. Are you still in need of a holiday dress? Well, check back because we will have a giveaway soon that could change your luck!

xo. Laura

10 thoughts on “Dress For The Holiday You Want (Not The Holiday You Have)

  1. Julie

    That dress is seriously gorgeous!! I love it! I’m one of those people that loves to look at all of the pretty dresses and say I don’t have anywhere to wear it. lol! I need to have your attitude about it! haha

  2. Stephanie

    I LOVE those red shoes. I am definitely the girl who is wearing a pencil skirt and wedges while everyone else is wearing jeans and flip flops… I need to be more brave though and just go for it when I want to be more fancy. I always resist buying the amazing dress since I know no one else will wear anything like it to events I go to…but why should that stop me! 🙂

  3. Michelle M.

    hi Laura! I just started following you via the ABM gals. Mutemath is absolutely one of my favorites. Saw them in Nashville waaaay back in 2006 maybe?!? and basically annually ever since. Happy to meet you 🙂

  4. Kaelyn

    Great dress! I’m definitely one of those girls you described who thinks, “I have nowhere to wear that” so I love the idea of planning an event around an outfit!

  5. Kori

    As soon as I saw this dress on you I immediately went to their shop and freaked over how awesome their selection is. I bought a long grey lace dress with a slit for our New Years Eve Boardwalk Empire themed bash. I’m so excited to wear it.


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