June 19, 2018

Gummergal.com? Why The Name Change?

Ok, ok, ok…so I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog for a while now, but like everything else in my life, it just took a while before I could actually find the time to make it all happen. In case you are wondering, I’m not abandoning the “Band Wife” label all together, I just feel that there are other bigger parts of my life now that have eclipsed that one particular aspect (like being a new Mom for starters!) and since Todd has been sliding into less and less traveling lately, I’m not sure how much longer the “traveling musician” thing will be a part of our family— I know the musician part will always be huge, but the traveling part is up in the air as of lately.

Anyways, I’ll still leave all the posts that speak to the band wife life as I hear often through comments and emails that those are helpful to other gals out there who have to deal with traveling partners (and I’m so glad I can be of help to anyone!). And who knows, I may still have a lot more to share on that topic in the future but I’ll just do it as Gummergal instead as that feels a lot more encompassing of me as a whole and all the new roles that I’ve taken on in the past few years.

So, there you have it—it’s a small name change but I wanted to explain a little bit about why it’s happening and just assure you that if you like following along with our lives and what kinds of things I share here, all that will still be the same. Thanks for reading guys, as always I’m so glad you are here!!

xo. Laura

June 18, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

Summer is in full swing and we are lining up some fun trips to see family and friends in the next few months while the summer vibes are flowing. My brain is all tangled up in baby sandals, rompers, and swimsuits for Lola, and I loooove it!

-I find it’s not the best idea to have only one lightweight sleep sack for Lola since there are so many times when it’s in the wash and it’s bedtime/naptime and I have to dig out her winter one (that she’s also pretty much outgrown) to use as a backup. I ordered this one this week so hopefully that problem is solved! I just wish these pajamas would fit her!

-Ordered these now that her hair is long enough for a clip or two!

These have been great for outdoor sandals (Lola’s wearing them in the photo above) since I can literally wash them off in the sink if they get dirty. I also have these waiting for her when her feet grow a bit more—hopefully they will fit by the end of summer!

-The back of this jacket is amazing!!

-Are these close enough to match mine?

-We use these cups with Lola for water, but I wanted to get her some sippy cup type bottles to wean her off of having to give her soy milk in a regular bottle so I’m trying this glass bottle (with this lid) instead. For whatever reason, while she does drink water out of the 360 cups periodically throughout the day, we can’t really use those yet for something that we really want her to totally finish like she would with a bottle so maybe the sippy cup will be a good transition.

-This is not something that Lola wants at all, but Mom needs to order more of these for the house. I keep thinking maybe she’ll lose interest in opening drawers and doors, but she’s not! I’m just losing my mind instead having to put everything back in every cabinet after she’s been in a room…

-Wish I had time to order this dress for a wedding we are going to this weekend!

-I bought Lola a romper similar to this last summer and she outgrew it so fast she only got to wear it once—maybe I can get a second chance with this one? So cute!

-This rashguard is perfection! Although this one comes with a matching hat!

I figure I’ll wait to see if we ever go to a beach to look for a matching Mommy/Daughter swimsuit kind of a thing. I know several people that drive to Rosemary Beach and they adore it there so we’ve been thinking about when we could make that happen…have you ever been?

xo. Laura

May 31, 2018

Lola Turns One!

I still can’t believe that earlier this month our little Lola turned one! When they talk about the “days are long but the years are short” when it comes to babies it really is so true. I think the first year is especially that way since it’s such a tough season and I can totally see that she looks different in pictures that are only a few weeks old—they grow up so fast and it’s a terrible and wonderful process to behold. Lola was born on my birthday, as you may recall from her birth story, but we mostly celebrated her on our actual birthday (and I took the birthday night after she went to bed!) and then waited a few weeks to do more celebrating with my family when they came into town for a joint birthday celebration. As you can see above, I didn’t go overboard with the decor for the official party like my brain would normally like to, but I couldn’t help buying some special balloons and a few cute items for the table (and her balloons matched her rainbow romper so well!).

Since we wanted to wait until the bigger party to do the whole cake/candles thing, we counted down to her birth time (12:34 pm—easy number to remember!) on May 7th and it was actually pretty fun! I think we may do that every year now. She was a little unsure of the confetti since she’s never seen any before, but she just kept picking it up over and over so I think she liked it. Birthday girls!

When we finally did a full celebration two weeks later, we added in Todd since his birthday is May 18th for a full Gummerman family birthday party. We took a weekend outing with my fam to 12 South, a lively outdoor area in town, and did some shopping and got donuts for our official party later that night. Chasing around a toddler in full summer heat and humidity is no joke you guys! It’s extra exhausting! I love that romper on Lola— the tassels are so sweet! Those sandals are nice and grippy (is that a word?) for toddler walking as well…(my heart sunnies are from here).

I made Lola a mini cake out of watermelon decorated with blueberries and kiwi and I think we discovered she doesn’t like watermelon which was so surprising to me! She loves all things sweet so that was a shock. I’m going to try it again soon to see if she changes her mind…

Todd got a crazy birthday candle for us girls and it was pretty amazing—you can tell by my reaction that I was pretty impressed! Lola, on the other hand, just keeps eating her fruit unfazed…haha!! He bought a pack of 3 so I guess we can be amazed two more years in a row. Happy birthday Lola, we love you so much!!

xo. Laura

May 22, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

For obvious reasons, that photo above is one of my favorites of all time! She’s just too delicious for words! I linked those overalls in the last “Whatever Lola Wants” and I did have to hem them a little since she’s a bit shorter than average (like her Mama) but I did it with a large stitch so I can let them down later as she gets taller since they are pretty stretchy too. Since it’s been waaay hotter than you would think for May we’ve jumped rather quickly to summer clothes recently, so here’s what I’ve been loving for her lately:

This sunhat is sooo cute on her but it was giant (probably better for 2 year old) so I have to send it back! Since I definitely need a hat that ties if I want any chance of her keeping it on, I’m going to try this one next!

-Just bought this sewing pattern to make some baby summer rompers! I’m hoping to go really good at it so I can make a couple in one sitting rather quickly.

-It’s been a little tough finding sandals that don’t get in her way while she’s trying to walk, but I think I’m going to give these a try! Ohh, actually, lemme add these on too….

-I still love prints like this and the sleeveless romper may be a good option for indoor summer air conditioning situations.

-Babies with bell sleeves?? Yes please.

-Lola got some pretty great gifts from my family this past weekend for her birthday: I can’t wait to use this in the pool, put her in this romper, and she’s been using this swing outside for a few weeks now and she laughs so hard when we swing her!

-It’s getting too hot for Lola to wear long sleeve footed pajamas to bed so I think I need to get her some shorter summer pajamas so she doesn’t overheat at night.

I love that she can cruise around the house in just a onesie or a diaper with the warmer weather. There’s something about seeing a baby in the grass in bare feet and just a diaper that makes me feel like we live on a farm and I kind of love it! Of course I love to put her in cute outfits, but we also went to the thrift store recently to snag some play clothes that can get as dirty as Lola wants to be (which is usually pretty dirty actually!) and I think that was a pretty good decision. Let kids be kids, right?

xo. Laura

May 18, 2018

Gearing Up For Father’s Day!

Although I’ve only seen Todd in a parent role for a little over a year now, I already know that he’s probably the better parent for sure (well, at least way more calm and fun than I am!). He’s patient, always gentle, makes everything into a game, and gets Lola to laugh the hardest of anybody else by far. He’s, simply put, a really great dad. Right now Lola spends her weekdays in Daddy Daycare while I work full time from home but since he also works out of a studio attached to our home (we converted the detached one car garage into his studio) he gets to be close to us when he’s working on music during naps or after dinner. Since Father’s Day is coming up, Lola and I decided to surprise Todd a little early with some personalized gifts that I like to call the “Classic Dad” package—a mug and a mousepad from Snapfish! While his musical ventures and producing do involve a lot of music playing and writing, I also know how much time is spent in front of his computer listening to and remixing songs for hours on end. So, in that vein, he’s definitely going to need some inspiration while he’s out there and what better than sweet little Lola’s face to spur him on to greatness, right? We love that picture with her and her baby headphones at Austin City Limits Festival back in the fall when we visited Todd on tour—it’s was a little crazy having a 5 month old at an outdoor, super hot, music festival, but she was a champ for sure. And that photo on the mousepad is one that our friend Elsie took and it’s one of our favorite photos of her ever—those eyes!!

To help you find your best Father’s Day gift, I’ve teamed up with Snapfish to offer you guys a 40% code that you can use sitewide through 6/30/18! Just used the code GIFT4DAD to create your own thoughtful gift. They even have playing cards you can add a photo to—I almost did that one since Todd is a big poker player. Anyways, I’m sure you have photos that will melt the heart of a certain Dad you know, so create something personalized and fun to show them how much you care!

xo. Laura

*This post was sponsored by Snapfish and all opinions are my own—thanks for helping to support this blog and our family!