July 16, 2018
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Whatever Lola Wants

Look at that stylish Baby Elton John—what a cutie! She’s got every color of the Oui Fresh toddler sunnies, so she’s quite the spoiled baby these days! And that gold swimsuit?? Girlfriend is killing it (according to her Mom anyways!). Here’s what else I’ve been loving for her:

-We’ve been making lots of popsicles for Lola in these this summer (so nice to find some non-plastic ones too) out of green smoothies and it’s a great way to get her to have some greens since she’s not a huge fan of just eating them alone. They are also a great thing to give a teething baby so I think that’s another reason she likes them so much as they help soothe her irritated molars.

-I’m not always a huge lace person, but I think Lola would be so cute in this look

-Trying to find some non-plastic sippy cup options since we weaned off the baby bottle/bottle nipple and I’m looking at giving these a try. I did get one of these tops to fit their corresponding glass baby bottle, and while I do like that you can put an insert in the bottle to restrict the flow if they drink liquid too fast, the first top broke within a few moments of her having it since she has to hurl everything to the floor (especially if she’s upset because she’d rather have a regular bottle). They come two in a pack, but I was still hoping they’d be a little less fragile.

This is definitely in my cart for cooler summer nights.

-I’ve been thinking about getting her something like this to play with in our den. She may be a little small for it now, but she loves opening doors and moving items from one spot to another, so I think she would at least like to unpack all the play food items in it even if she doesn’t quite know what cooking is yet!

-I wish this fit her for a pool coverup! And she can wear this underneath to swim…I thought I had found the cutest rashguard ever last episode, but I think this may have topped it!

-Speaking of swimsuits, this site has so many Mom/Baby swimsuits and I LOVE IT! This is my top contender so far for sure…

-I don’t think they have summer disco parties for babies, but if they did I would definitely dress her in this and take her to one!

-This little embroidered top would be so cute with a striped diaper cover underneath.

We are taking Lola to the “beach” this week with my family. It’s actually Lake Erie in Pennsylvania, not quite the Caribbean, but it’s close enough! We used to go there all the time as kids and I haven’t been back since so it will be fun to share that memory with Miss Lola in tow. Now, I just need to fit a sand bucket and pail into my carry on…

xo. Laura

July 10, 2018

Plant-Based and Vegan Meal Ideas for Baby-Led Weaning

I’ve been saying for months that I was going to write this post and I finally did! It can feel really challenging to figure out what to feed a baby if it’s your first time being a parent (or first time doing Baby-Led weaning) and it seems even more challenging if you like to eat vegan or plant-based like we do most of the time. After we realized that we wanted to try Baby-Led weaning and started our journey with that this fall, it helped me a lot to read what meal ideas others made for their babies so here are a few of our mealtime staples that we gathered over our first 6 months of baby-led weaning in case it’s helpful to you!

Baked Oatmeal fingers:

1 cup rolled oats
1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 ripe mashed banana
2 tablespoon ground flax seed
2 tablespoon chia seed
1 tablespoon melted coconut oil

Cook 1 cup of rolled oats according to package directions until they are a little on the dry side (you don’t want them to still appear really wet). Mix in all the other ingredients and press and smooth into an oiled 8″ x 8″ baking pan. Bake at 350° for 25 minutes, flip the oatmeal square over in the pan with a spatula and then bake for at least 10 minutes more. Cut info fingers and store in a container in the fridge.

Tofu Scramble: Just go easy on the spices until you know what they can handle and I don’t use salt and skip the vegan cheese on her portion

Chickpea patties
: these are great to make in batches for meals for the rest of the week.

Whole Grain Pancakes: also great to make in batches, skip topping with butter and syrup and add blueberries to the mix.

Red sauce with whole grain fusilli noodles: Still Lola’s favorite meal! This is our favorite red sauce to make by far and the fusilli noodles are easier for them to grasp.

Quinoa Poblano Corn Cakes: recipe from this book (they also have a Southwest Veggie Burger recipe I make for her too)

Rice and bean bowl: mix brown rice with any beans (try and get unsalted beans) in a pot with a little dash of water, heat with some seasonings like cumin, paprika, and chili powder and add some other veggies like tomato, avocado, and cilantro on top when warm.

Baked sweet potato and steamed veggie of choice: cut sweet potatoes longways into 4 big wedges so they bake faster in oven, cover lightly in avocado or olive oil  or coconut oil and bake at 375° for 30 min or until soft. You can add spices or a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg before baking. I like to steam veggies in this with about 1″ of water in the pan under it. Once the water boils, I turn it down to a simmer, add the basket with cut veggies, and then simmer with the lid on for 10-15 min until soft. I add some spices onto the veggies in the basket as well (dill is great on steamed veggies).

Avocado or hummus toast: it’s best to toast bread a little bit when first introducing it (although some wait until 1 year of age to add any gluten) since lightly toasted bread is a little easier to eat and won’t stick to the roof of their mouth. Lola like’s to scrape off all the toppings and then eat the bread, but as long as she eats it, I don’t care what order it’s in. Also, make the hummus at home without salt if you can or try and find a low sodium version as there can be a lot of hidden salt in hummus.

Quinoa falafel patties: I do this recipe with flax eggs instead of real eggs and I make them into patties instead of balls so you only have to use a little oil for frying.

Green smoothies: This one I don’t really have a recipe for because there are already a million and one green smoothie recipes on the internet you can find so just choose one you like! If baby can drink through a straw already, then you can just put it in a cup for them to drink (we used this cup to straw-train her recently but you’d probably need to move to more this type of thing for a thicker smoothie) but if they aren’t ready or interested in a straw yet, you can pop your smoothie mixture into these and make popsicles! Lola finishes a popsicle that’s too packed with greens for my taste in a matter of minutes so it’s been a great trick for us.

The “I-Have-No-Idea-What-To-Make” meal: This is basically when you are out of ideas or brain power to create something clever and you just open some beans, add spices, and pair it with steamed/baked/raw veggies. It feels like a total cheat meal since it takes such little effort but it’s still good for her so no guilt here! I always keep some type of bean (black and chic peas are good ones for Lola) in the pantry and veggies so that this is always an option.

Just a few general tips! Go slow with spices, add a little at first and then more and more as you see they can handle it. We pretty much do a fruit desert at every meal and try to do different things each time so she gets a variety of fruit throughout the week. If she’s ever not interested in eating a new food or a food I know she likes, if we take a few bite of her food and show that we really enjoy it, she almost always starts eating it immediately so that trick usually works on her. The overall end goal of Baby-Led Weaning is that they are eating the same meal that you are so they have a wide range of tastes and you don’t have to cook two things each meal, so sometimes the above meals were things we were all eating (with the salt and spice level adjusted on her portion) and other times we wanted to eat something she couldn’t handle yet so we would make her a different thing.

If you are new to Baby-Led-Weaning, you can read more about how we started our journey but I would definitely recommend reading this book before you start so that you feel familiar with all the age appropriate food-guidelines and what foods to avoid until they are older. Hope this was helpful for you!

xo. Laura

June 28, 2018

Cloth Diaper Problem Solving

*This post was sponsored by Tide purclean and all opinions are my own—thanks for helping to support this blog and our family!

Most of you probably know by now that we use cloth diapers with Lola and have since she was about 2 months old. While it took a bit for us to figure out our favorite kinds of diapers and our wash routine we hit a pretty good stride where we really didn’t have any problems at all with our diapers until just a few months ago. All of the sudden Lola kept getting persistent rashes and we couldn’t figure out where they were coming from. We tried experiments with avoiding certain foods (especially more acidic ones) and switched to disposables for a bit and we finally concluded that it was something with the diapers (most likely our wash routine) that was bothering her all of the sudden. We never had any smell in our diapers, but we decided to strip them and start over with a different detergent (we were using a free-and-clear conventional brand at that point) to see if that would help—which it did! But only for a short amount of time. We started having stink issues with the new all-natural detergent and even though we tried to tweak more things like the temperatures we washed on or adding in towels to the load as well to trick the HE washer into adding more water (thinking that maybe all the detergent wasn’t rinsing out) but we are still having the ammonia smell issue.

Anyways, we’ve been in the thick of trying to figure our next move when Tide contacted me and asked if I wanted to partner with them to try their new Tide purclean detergent that is a 65% USDA certified plant-based detergent that still has the cleaning power of Tide even in cold water (you can purchase the detergent here). They have an unscented version (which is good since we try to avoid added fragrance whenever we can) that also is free of dyes, chlorine, and phosphates, and as an added bonus the purclean is made with 100% renewable wind power electricity at a site that sends zero manufacturing waste to a landfill. Needless to say, I love all those points about the product and we obviously need to find a solution to our problem in order to keep continuing the duration of diapering with cloth, so we’ve decided to give it a try!

We’ve only had the chance to do one full wash routine with the new detergent but so far the diapers look and smell clean so I think we are off to a good start (they have some tips for using purclean in your wash routine here)! It really can take a bit to know when you try a new detergent how well it’s working (and sometimes you have to tweak a few things before your wash routine clicks into place) so I’ll update my main post on diapering after we give the purclean a proper try but I’m hopeful this we’ll be a solution to our diaper problems!

I’m really happy to see large companies start to respond to consumers desires for more green and natural choices (with less waste in the process as well) so I hope that this is something that we will continue to see more of across the board in all areas. If you haven’t cloth diapered before, I promise that it’s not as scary as it sounds and it’s a great way to save lots of money and keep a pile of disposables out of landfills as well. Give it a try!

xo. Laura

June 27, 2018


Just wanted to share a few sweet photos of our outfits from this week! It’s been really fun to find matching outfits opportunities (like this one) so when I realized that I had ordered us both gingham summer outfits, well, we just had to have a matching day. I knew that I would love to see her in an outfit with bell sleeves, but man, I don’t think my heart was fully prepared for it—it’s ridiculous. Unfortunately that’s the only bell sleeve item I’ve found in her size so far so it may be a bit before I get to see her in another one! Seriously though—how is this a real baby??? I can’t even. Dress/Shein, Shoes/Steve Madden (with poms similar to these), Sunnies/Amazon, Romper/Amazon, Furry Sandals/Amazon (similar)

I think we are pushing through some bottom molars this week as she has been off the charts cranky the last few days and it hasn’t been this bad since we thought she was pushing through her top set. It’s so hard when you want to help them but you aren’t totally sure what’s wrong. I don’t want her to grow up too fast but I’ll be happy for the day when she can tell me what’s bothering her with actual words!! Anyways, we are making some summer memories, but now that it’s almost July I feel like we need to kick that summer bucket list into high gear and really put some more fun at the top of the list. It’s way too easy to fill all our “free time” with laundry, bills, and cleaning up from the day so we need to make sure we have a good balance of being lazy on purpose too 🙂

xo. Laura

June 19, 2018

Gummergal.com? Why The Name Change?

Ok, ok, ok…so I’ve been thinking about changing the name of my blog for a while now, but like everything else in my life, it just took a while before I could actually find the time to make it all happen. In case you are wondering, I’m not abandoning the “Band Wife” label all together, I just feel that there are other bigger parts of my life now that have eclipsed that one particular aspect (like being a new Mom for starters!) and since Todd has been sliding into less and less traveling lately, I’m not sure how much longer the “traveling musician” thing will be a part of our family— I know the musician part will always be huge, but the traveling part is up in the air as of lately.

Anyways, I’ll still leave all the posts that speak to the band wife life as I hear often through comments and emails that those are helpful to other gals out there who have to deal with traveling partners (and I’m so glad I can be of help to anyone!). And who knows, I may still have a lot more to share on that topic in the future but I’ll just do it as Gummergal instead as that feels a lot more encompassing of me as a whole and all the new roles that I’ve taken on in the past few years.

So, there you have it—it’s a small name change but I wanted to explain a little bit about why it’s happening and just assure you that if you like following along with our lives and what kinds of things I share here, all that will still be the same. Thanks for reading guys, as always I’m so glad you are here!!

xo. Laura