July 15, 2019

Whatever Lola Wants

Hi all! You may have seen my post on Instagram about a really scary weekend we had with Lola recently where we had to go to the kid’s emergency room twice over a weekend but I’m so happy to say that Lola is doing great and see seems pretty much back to normal now which is a huge answer to prayers!! Trying to get life back to “normal” now but feeling so grateful to have our best girl back to full strength…here’s what else I’m loving lately!

-Got Lola a few of these vintage looking wooden car toys—they make me so happy to see them around the house and she’s super into cars right now too.

-Totally getting one of these next time I need a baby gift—so cute.

-I can’t tell if this dress is insane or amazing but I kind of love it!!

-Lola hates being all wrapped up in a towel after a bath so maybe one of these is the answer?

-In case you missed my whole post on it, this really is an amazing potty training book and I can’t recommend it enough! We still have some accidents here and there but overall Lola is doing so well and I love how the book outlines a whole plan and helps you troubleshoot issues too.

-Cute toddler swimsuits really are the best part of summer if you ask me…

-Saw this little wooden play makeup set in a store this week and it was so cute! In the past I’ve had unsettled feelings about letting little kids play with makeup or things like that thinking that I’m not sure what message it sends them, but then I realized recently that toddlers don’t actually care about makeup at all, they just want to do what they see Mommy or Daddy do—no matter what it is! So in that sense I’d much rather have her play with her own wooden set because when she’s gotten her hands on my real makeup, well, it’s a lot more work to clean up!

-We used one of these natural rubber bath mats in Lola’s bath for a while now and I love that it’s a non-toxic way to keep the tub non-slip. I think I’d like to get one of these though for washing her hair as she still hates to have her hair rinsed and get the water in her eyes.

I can’t believe we are already halfway through July and this summer is flying by so fast! I really need to make a list of all the things I want to do before it’s over and finding a really good soft serve ice cream place that has rainbow sprinkles is the top item on my list for sure!

xo. Laura


2 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. Amber

    I had my first baby on June 28 so I’m slowly catching up to favorite blogs and I just wanted to say three things:
    1- this picture of Lola is the kind of picture she’s going to treasure of herself when she’s older. you always take great ones, but this one is italian chef -hand to mouth kiss good.
    2- i referenced your blog a LOT when prepping for my baby and found several helpful items and suggestions.
    3- So THANK YOU from an internet stranger/friend


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