Let’s face it—every teenage girl dreams of attending a concert by their favorite band and fanaticizes about locking eyes with one of the gorgeous members of the band on stage. “Come live with me in my house made of money,” he’d say, “where we will drink champagne morning ‘til night while I serenade you with romantic ballads I’ve written about you.” This is totally what happened to me. Well, sort of. Actually, not at all. I do have a few songs penned about me, but that’s about as close as I’ve gotten to that rock and roll dream-world so far. When I was 17, I saw my future husband, Todd, for the first time on a jumbotron in the nosebleed section of an arena, and within ten minutes of meeting him, I knew that there was no one else for me. A short 8 years later (sarcasm alert!), we were married and live in Nashville, TN with our daughter Lola (and 2 kitties!) while Todd is the lead guitarist for the band MuteMath and I’m a staff writer for A Beautiful Mess. I’m so glad you are here!

xo. Laura Gummerman