March 7, 2016

Palm Springs Cat House!

I have to take a second to share one of my favorite things I’ve ever made and possible will ever make—a palm springs cat scratch house!! I made this a few weeks ago and shared it over on A Beautiful Mess, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me every time he uses it or lays down to take a nap inside of it. I mean, if you think it’s cute as just a plain mini house, then it’s extra adorable when a kitty is frickin’ sleeping inside of it. The amazing thing is that a few days later I was tagged in an Instagram where someone followed the DIY to make their own for their kitty—YES! Not gonna lie, I was not sure if anyone but me was crazy to make it, but I’m so glad someone did! Making everything into a Palm Springs house is definitely a sickness, but I don’t think the fever will break any time soon!

xo. Laura

7 thoughts on “Palm Springs Cat House!

  1. Katey

    I love your enthusiasm for felines. I usually feel like I should pretend I’m a regular old person who merely loves their pet, when my cat is actually my favorite thing in the whole world…it really makes me feel less weird, to see someone so hip and talented be such good friends with her cats. 🙂


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