March 21, 2016

Stealing Moments (While I Can)

I was so happy this past week to have my guy home for a whole 10 days during a break in their current US tour. We spent the first few days on a fun trip driving up to Pittsburgh for the shower of my future sister-in-law Sarah (so lots of togetherness car time listening to podcasts and such) but I was also pretty happy to get home and just feel like “regular” people for a few days. In fact, we spent almost the whole week on boring adult chores like putting together Ikea furniture that I can’t pronounce and doing our taxes so it was a bit of a shock to eventually look up and realize it was almost time to send him back out on the bus for another 3 weeks. While it is necessary to take care of boring stuff while I have him around, I also want to make sure we get in a but of fun as well and give us some memories to think about until we are together again. We ended up going to a a few brunch opportunities, took our ’74 Stingray out during some sunny days, tried a new Ramen place in town, and had our first in Nashville (but third annual) 60’s cocktail party as well. I’ll show you a few photos of that soon…
  Shoes/Shoemint, Top/Forever 21, Jacket/Mango, Sunnies/Forever 21, Bag/Kate Spade Saturday

This is what I ended up wearing to brunch at a place called Marche in East Nashville. There’s a major wait if you want to go there on the weekends, so we usually go during the week instead. The french toast made with croissants is so worth it.

I can’t help but steal little looks at Todd while he’s home, just trying to study his face and take in all the sights while I can. Every moment and memory has to last until the next time we are together, so it’s important to pack the moments in while I can…

xo. Laura

2 thoughts on “Stealing Moments (While I Can)

  1. Sarah

    Hi, what a nice and honest article!
    Just thought I’m the only one who steal little looks at my boyfriend when he’ll leave for some days/ weeks 😀 Afterwards I always fail to face him in my mind’s eye so that i need to facetime him or look at my phone photos to just have him around in some way. Very strange thing my brain only does to the people I love, all the other ones always cover my loved ones in all its glory … like the cashier I saw 5 years ago for just one minute :’D


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