March 4, 2016

The Band Wife Mantra Bracelet!

You guys, how exciting is this?! I collaborated with one of my favorite jewelry companies Shlomit Ofir to create this beautiful mantra bracelet that’s not only the perfect jewelry staple but is also for a great cause. When they approached me about doing a limited-edition custom bracelet in honor of International Women’s Day (coming up on March 8th) I was really excited to pick out a personal phrase that I would want to be reminded of everyday. My first thoughts were mostly about pizza and cats but I dug a little deeper and decided on this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson instead— “Be silly. Be honest. Be kind.” These three have always been the top qualities that I admire in other people and describe my closest friends perfectly (especially my husband Todd who is somehow a total pro at all three simultaneously). Even though I, for sure, have my selfish days and certainly don’t always feel like laughing when life gets hard, I still want to be known as a caring, truthful person that can find humor even in tough situations.

The other great thing about this bracelet (besides the mental pick-me-up the phrase gives me) is that 20% of the proceeds go to The Women’s Courtyard which is an amazing non-governmental charity in Israel. They provides assistance to girls and young women who deal with distress and risk situations, independent of national origins or ethnicity (you can read more about their work here Please feel free to check out their website and read more about their work).It was so fun to help design and pick out all the features for this pretty bauble (looove the tiny mint tassels on the back!) and I know I’m going to be wearing it all the time now. I hope you’ll decide to join with me in the reminder to be the best versions of ourselves and help out other women and girls in the process. Get yours here while you still can! Girl rule, boys drool….GUMMERGAL OUT!signature2 copy

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