December 16, 2019

Our Holiday Party (And Snowflake Themed Photo Booth!)

It’s my most favorite time of the year!! I can still remember going to Christmas parties with my family all through my childhood and I now I love to attend Christmas parties as an adult with my own family. This year we decided to host another Christmas party in our Nashville home and since I love having photo booths and using instant cameras at our parties I partnered with FUJIFILM for this party to add a snowflake photo booth to our little winter wonderland. Taking FUJIFILM Instax photos at parties has became a bit of a tradition starting with our annual 60’s party so everyone could take home a photo memento of the night—we’ve had that party 6 years in a row and it’s still so fun and I love looking back at the photos year after year!
Since we were doing a snowflake theme I bought a bunch of snowflakes and snowy decor and hung them all in different parts of the house. I actually love having them up so much that I’m going to leave them up the whole holiday season—they look so pretty!
We made a photo booth area with a glittery backdrop that reminded me of a glitter snowstorm (without the danger of getting all that glitter in your eyes—ha!) and I hung snowflakes above it so it would look like people were standing in a winter wonderland. Next to the photo booth area I had a little table with a FUJIFILM Instax SQ6 camera and the FUJIFILM Instax Mini LINK Smartphone printer so guests could create their own photo memory of the night. I added a little DIY craft to the area so people could tuck their favorite photo into a small frame, add a magnet to the back and snowflakes stickers to the front to create a holiday keepsake for their fridge at home. The Instax SQ6 camera SQUARE film-format instant print is great because it gives you a larger photo with their square film (86mm x 72mm). It also has a mirror on the front so you can do perfectly-framed selfies—yes!! I got the Pearl White color but it also comes in Blush Gold, Graphite Gray, Aqua Blue, and Ruby Red. The SQ6 also has three colored lenses that you can put over the flash to give your photos a pop of color as well—it’s like a color filter for your photos!The Instax Mini LINK Smartphone printer is FUJIFILM’s new Mini film printer and once you download the free app on your phone (this one for iphones and this one for android phones) you can print photos onto Instax Mini film with either photos in your existing photo library or with ones you take on the spot. The app has several modes like Print Mode and Fun Mode and you just have to flip the printer vertically or horizontally to change modes! You can print stills from videos (which is pretty cool) or you can use the Fun Mode to do thing like make collage prints, add a fun frame to your photo, create a “surprise” photo with up to five friends, or use the “take the test” function to challenge yourself to a quiz or check your compatibility scores with another person (Todd really wants to do that one to see what we get!). The printer was great for the party because it only takes 12 seconds to print a photo from the app so it was easy to get people’s photos done and send them on their way to get a drink or more snacks. To keep with the snowflake theme I even made little snowflake cookies for the party—so sweet! You can see how the cute fridge magnet keepsakes turned out…it was perfect because it was an easy thing to make at the party and the kids liked helping with the stickers too! I love that Instax wants to highlight the importance of sharable memories, encouraging people to “don’t just take, give” and that works out perfectly with how we like to do party photos. Usually we have everyone take two photos of themselves so they can take one home and also leave one with us so we can remember who was there that night—everyone wins! 

Overall, I love a night with friends and family celebrating the holiday season and I’m so glad that we were able to capture memories of the event and give a gift of a Christmas memory to our guest as well. Hope your Christmas season is one to remember too!

xo. Laura

*This post is sponsored by FUJIFILM INSTAX®; but, as always, all opinions are my own. Thanks for helping support this blog and our family!

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