May 24, 2019
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Whatever Lola Wants

I love this picture from our beach trip at the beginning of this month! I feel like I need to get her the next size up in that shirt, it’s so true for her and it always makes people laugh when they see her in it…

-Love this ruffled romper. It’s the perfect summer outfit for getting her a little dressed up!

-In anticipation of starting potty training soon I got this toy they have at our doctor’s office (she is mesmerized by it when there) and we’ll give it to her when we want her to stay on the potty longer. That and this glitter wand are in my toolkit for that event…

THESE. SUNNIES. NOW. PLEASE. Also, these are the ones she’s wearing in the pic above. I already have them in two colors, they are just too cute!

-Sweetest little matching set.

-By the way, we took this travel stroller on our recent trips with us and I loved it. It folds up so small and is so easy to open that it may end up replacing our other stroller for most of our trips around town too—it’s that good.

-Really want to get this book for some summer outdoor ideas with a toddler.

-The perfect summer staple to pair with high-waisted shorty-shorts!

-Adore the print and cutout on this swimsuit.

-Um, yeah, I may need to get this before summer is over for some outdoor fun!

I still need to do a beach recap post, we had such a fun time in Rosemary Beach, FL and I want to make sure I get those photos together before too much time goes by. Maybe I need one of those companies that makes little books for you off your Instagram or phone photo albums automatically…is that what the smart busy Mom does nowadays? 🙂

xo. Laura

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