January 29, 2013

First Post!

Welcome to The Band Wife blog! I’m so excited to invite you into my world and share all the bits and pieces of my quirky life. From tour travel to home life, fashion and food, house renovation and creative projects (and all the cat petting in between), this blog chronicles the many facets that make up my existence. Thanks for joining me, and I hope you’ll enjoy my world as much as I do!


16 thoughts on “First Post!

  1. Danielle Pierce

    I loved your kitchen makeover and gorgeous his and hers photos on A Beautiful Mess blog! I can’t wait to see all your creative projects. Thanks for sharing your spark!

  2. Katie

    I’ve been following your instagram for a while now and I am so excited you have a blog now. I love your style! And I’m pretty excited for your You’ve gotta be “kitten” me features!

  3. Staci Luna

    I’ve been inspired by your mother’s creativity and design style my whole life. I love that the apple hasn’t fallen too far from the tree! I look forward to being inspired by some of your ideas. In the meantime, I guess I should get up to speed on some of the other blogs you’ve participated in.

    Cousin Staci


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