March 11, 2013

Black Egg Chair

Who loves shopping for furniture?? I have to raise both hands on this one, and any available feet as well. Our current town leaves A LOT to be desired in the way of modern home furniture stores, so I’ve had to buy online (or make myself!) almost every piece of furniture in our home. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent online shopping for different pieces on my home checklist, so, I was pleasantly surprised when I ran into this chair on this fall. The chair is a more affordable version of Arne Jaconsen’s egg chair design, and I love that it’s sleek and modern, but just weird enough to be memorable.

As you can see, the smallest and furriest member of our house has claimed it as her own personal nap spot, so I think she approves of the chair choice as well.

Love that little kitty face. I can’t even stand it…


6 thoughts on “Black Egg Chair

  1. LJ

    Hey there,

    I’m loving this chair (and the price) but I’m wondering how you feel about the quality of this piece. I’ve admired Jacobsen for a while (I found a swan chair of his for a steal at a flea market), and am on the fence if I should wait until I happen upon the real thing (for a real good price) or if I should cave to a knock off. Thoughts?

    1. thebandwife

      Actually LJ, I was really pleased with the quality on this chair. It looks great and feels really sturdy, and I’m usually pretty picky about that stuff. It might be a good buy for you!


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