April 24, 2013

It’s Never To Late to Learn Something New…

I got to do a lot of different types of art growing up. I was homeschooled with a former art teacher mother (and a history teacher father), so I had the privilege of having all the art supplies I could ever want around the house, and, I might add, the best teacher around. I didn’t realize until later that I got to learn techniques like stippling and linoleum printing in my middle school years while others didn’t get to do that stuff until college. Graphic design on computers was just starting to be a “thing” by the time I got to high school, so I made that my major in college to get some of those tools under my belt.

Even with all that art schooling, there was one area that I never tried until this year–photography. I think I always felt a bit intimidated by all the technical terms and camera buttons, but I thought if I was going to start a blog, I should probably start to learn my way around a lens. Some extra super-duper sweet friends of mine gave me their old Canon 40D when they heard I wanted to learn the craft, and it’s been a really tough, but extremely rewarding journey so far. I have had some great support from family and friends who have indulged my extremely basic beginner questions (F-stop? Is that a subway platform?), but I feel like I’ve learned a ton over the past few months and I feel SO much more comfortable than I did my first week or two.

How can you pass up a herringbone camera bag? So cute…I highly recommend it if you don’t have one yet.

Hopefully, I will keep getting better as time goes on. I love hearing other photographers talk about how terrible their photos used to be compared to where they are now. It gives me hope for what could be–maybe someday I will figure out why the best photo of a shoot is always randomly blurry or how to take photos of a party as it’s actually happening. The sky’s the limit, so bring it on!


12 thoughts on “It’s Never To Late to Learn Something New…

  1. Rachel Nicole

    You’re great already!
    I’ve always liked cameras and pictures, but when I started my blog, that’s when it really took off. I was lucky to be able to get my camera after about half a year of being super into it.

    I just recently bought my own jototes bag. They rock!



    Ps- did I mention how cute you are in these pictures!?

  2. Lesley Watson

    Once again, an inspiration for me, as I am just starting my blog and am already toying with the idea of a DSLR. I know it will take a lot of time and energy to learn, but that my blog needs the high quality pictures to succeed. Problem is I’m not the best at taking pictures with even my point and shoot! We’ll see, maybe I can find a class. Thanks for sharing your story.

  3. Emily B

    I’m right there with you! I just got my first DSLR and am slowly learning the ins and outs of everything. The best thing I did was put it on manual right out of the box, because even though it means half my pictures are trial and error (more error, really), it also means I’m actually learning the camera!
    Your photos look lovely thus far, and I hope you’ll share any photo tips you have!

  4. Carlee

    I’d love to be able to splurge on a nice camera so I could add some prettier photos to my blog, but right now, the best thing I have going for me is a digital camera, photoshop, and the morning light from my dining room window. 🙂

  5. Patri

    If those are the photographs of your “beginning” I’m dying to see them when you have learnt!
    I think they are pretty cool!!! 🙂
    I loooove your blog
    Kisses from Spain

  6. Filiz

    Hi Laura! You’re doing a great job and you’ve definitely got a great eye for taking photos. I think one of the best ‘tips’ I’ve learned so far is to make sure to calibrate your lens. If you’ve been struggling to figure out why some photos are coming out blurry, it may be the reason.

    I’d love to know the best advice you’ve gotten 🙂 Happy shooting!



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