April 29, 2013

Last Hurrah: Bike + Ice Cream Date

So, today I’m introducing a new segment to the blog called, “Last Hurrah.” Since Todd spends a lot of time going in and out of town, we try and spend a little extra quality time right before he leaves for a trip and attempt to ward off any impending sadness (like we did this night). We had some pretty solid spring weather yesterday in Missouri, so we decided to bike down to a nearby ice cream place that just re-opened for the warm season and get a sweet treat in the sun before Todd flies out tonight. The biking part of the “bike + ice cream” combo makes you feel less guilty about the calories- just take the hilly trail on the way home!

My go to flavor for hard ice cream is a half-and-half concoction of pistachio and chocolate. I learned that combination from my parents growing up, but when you’re a kid, pistachio ice cream sounds uber gross- little did I know it’s so good! It’s hard for me to pick anything else now…

Todd jumped the ice cream ship when it came time to order and got a tropical smoothie instead. BOR-ing. But, it’s his outing too, so I guess he can get whatever he wants.

Ice cream on a sunny day with my guy- perfect! The only thing I would have added to this outing was one more scoop of chocolate. YUM!


7 thoughts on “Last Hurrah: Bike + Ice Cream Date

  1. lookseelove

    loving that idea! my husband works a lot so Friday’s are dedicated to date nights! We must pull the bikes out, we live right around the corner from the best fro yo place!

  2. Haley

    The Inside Scoop is only 5 minutes from my house (and I always see it on my weekly trip to Target!), but I haven’t stopped in yet! If only this snow will go away so I can finally try it! 🙂


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