July 22, 2013

Show Girl: Neon Shorts + Tribal Tank

It’s hard to believe, but I haven’t seen my guy play with his band (Mutemath) since last October. That’s crazy! It’s by far the longest I’ve gone between shows, and I was so happy to be able to join him for a gig this past Saturday in Tulsa, OK. They were playing an outdoor festival and the high temperature for the day was a balmy 97 degrees, so I thought I better dress for the impending heat. I choose bright citron high-waisted shorts and a tribal tank in order to compete with the Oklahoma sun, and I threw my hair up with a neon bandana to keep my locks out of my way (and because who needs a long hair blanket on your neck and shoulders when you’re already sweating to death?).

Shirt/Forever 21, Shorts/Forever 21, Bag/H&M, Shoes/Aldo

Surprisingly, the heat didn’t feel quite as bad as I thought it would, but I was still glad to have access to a backstage area that had air conditioning and all the cold beverages I could handle. Gulp, gulp, gulp- ahhh!

I’ll post more pictures soon of the festival, stay tuned!



10 thoughts on “Show Girl: Neon Shorts + Tribal Tank

  1. toolie oolie

    cute outfit! i love music festivals (or, i guess i have to since my boyfriend produces them) but like you said, i don’t know how long i could survive without that backstage a/c! glad you go to see your man.


  2. Lindsey

    Love this look! I recently bought a similar top (in red) from forever 21. I love seeing how others wear the same pieces in ways I hadn’t yet thought of. Thank you for sharing reasonable fashion for daily life AND for using accessible/affordable brands to do so. Keep rocking!


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