August 2, 2013

Cobalt Blue (Dress + Shoes!)

Cobalt blue is one of my all time favorite colors. It’s a shade that I’ve always liked, but the past few years I’ve been extra in love with the hue. It was my wedding accent color and I’m already planning on using it as the color theme of my backyard next summer (Next summer? Yes, I’m a planner. So sue me). So when I see cobalt in a store, my gait quickens a bit and I bee-line for the sweet blue colored goods. Got it in my size? I’ll take it…

Shoes/Jessica Simpson, Dress/Forever 21, Clutch/Handmade

I also love that cobalt isn’t a seasonal color (at least not in my book), so I can wear it to my heart’s content all year round. Cobalt bikini under my cobalt sweater? Pile it on, I’m not afraid of overdoing this shade…



7 thoughts on “Cobalt Blue (Dress + Shoes!)

  1. Jennifer

    Wish you could go shopping with me and help me pick out cute outfits. You have the gift my friend. 🙂


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