September 23, 2013

Gingham Crop Top + Mint Jeans (And New Hair!)

Sometimes you want to make a change in life but you’re too scared to go ahead and make the leap to something new. I’ve been thinking about changing up my hair color for a few years now, but every time I went to my hairdresser I made an excuse for why I just wasn’t ready to commit to a different shade. This past year has been quite the year of changes for me. We bought our first house, I started this blog, I got a new job, and I feel like I finally pinpointed my personal style so now I feel more and more like myself. With all these positive changes happening, it just felt right to take a jump into the dark(er) side of hair hues and try out an ombré colored coif for a bit.

Top/Forever 21, Jeans/H&M, Shoes/Steve Madden, Bag/H&M

I actually made the change while Todd was recording in Texas on his recent trip and kept it a secret until he got back. I was terrified he was going to ask me to Skype with him and I’d have to wrap my hair in a bath towel and pretend I just got out of the shower to keep the new strands under wraps. Thankfully it never came up, so I was saved- phew! The surprise part was partially also to get back at him for “surprising” me by shaving his head before he left for his trip. That surprise did not go over so well with me…

So far I like my new hair a lot. I know how I usually feel as a blonde, so we’ll see if this hair evokes any new personality traits. Overall I think my biggest problem will come if I have to fill out any new forms that ask for hair color. Can I check the boxes for blonde and brunette??


10 thoughts on “Gingham Crop Top + Mint Jeans (And New Hair!)

  1. Neha

    Lauren, your hair looks great! I’ve never dyed my hair, but I ombre’d the bottom of it like a shade or two lighter before getting a haircut (where most of it got cut off anyway, haha). I’m so scared of hair color changes! Big ups to you for deciding to do it! 🙂


  2. Monica

    I’m a huge fan of the new hair! With all of the changes in your life, changing your hair is always my favorite one. Well, unless your hair stylist does a horrible job! Your Steve Madden shoes are killer! Does Todd take your photos?


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