October 9, 2013

Let Me Tell You A Story… (Cobalt Chiffon + Waxed Jeans)

So let me tell you a little story about my weekend…you may recall how I mentioned last week that Todd was leaving town to work on the band’s new album again. He was scheduled to leave Saturday afternoon, so I was at least glad to have the opportunity for Friday night and Saturday morning dates before he left. Of course, any time he leaves, the few days building up to his departure are increasingly sad for me (although I have gotten better over the years of not letting the sadness totally ruin the time I do have with him). Never the less, I swallowed the sad lump in my throat and savored every minute of our cocktail date on Friday and a rainy breakfast at our favorite spot on Saturday morning. I sent him off with a heavy heart once our brunch was complete and worried about the rainy driving conditions as he started his drive to Texas. I then did a bit of what I like to call “sad shopping” around town to cheer myself up and got ready to meet my dear friend Katie for dinner at a new pizza spot.

A few minutes after we got our delicious looking slices and sat down at a booth, I saw Katie’s husband Jonny come through the front door with my husband Todd following right behind him. I was so confused I could barely speak. My mind was racing. Why was he here? Was there an accident?? What’s going on??? I kept mumbling “Why are you here??” while Todd tried to explain that his trip had been cancelled a few days before he left, and he thought it would be a great surprise to pretend like he was leaving (he even put an empty suitcase in his car) and then surprise me several hours later to give me the great news that he wasn’t going away. It took me a few minutes to grasp what was happening and that he really wasn’t leaving town anymore- I have to say that I didn’t know if I should punch him or kiss him. All in all, it was definitely a classic Todd prank to play, but I gently explained that this should be a one-time-only prank because it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster to be sad for three days for apparently no reason. But, I still like that he wanted to “surprise” me with good news that would make me happy.

That has nothing to do with this outfit, but it’s a great story, so I wanted to tell it…

Top/Forever 21, Pants/H&M, Shoes/Jessica Simpson, Bag/ Alice + Olivia

So, it is true that Todd will eventually have to go on his trip at some point, but for now, I’m glad to have him around and it feels extra special than it normally would. Here’s to making every moment together count!


7 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You A Story… (Cobalt Chiffon + Waxed Jeans)

  1. Cecilia U.

    That was adorable of him. But I do understand your perspective… Had it been me in your shoes I would have socked him then kissed him.

  2. Severina

    Awww, what a great surprise!! And I cracked up about the “sad shopping”- totally did that the other day, after finding out my boyfriend won’t be able to fly out to Boise with me for my family’s Christmas, due to his band touring a few extra days too long in Europe :/


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