June 14, 2015

The Times (They Are A Changin’)

So, in case you didn’t see on Instagram, we finally bought a house in Nashville after 3 months of intense searching. It wasn’t an easy process for us. The market in Nashville has just been exploding over the last few years and the competition for every house on the market is insane. This was actually the 5th house we tried to buy because every other time we got into major bidding wars that we didn’t win. It was totally normal to be in a 6-way bidding war for a house that wasn’t even on the market for 24 hours (and one house wasn’t even on the market yet and we still got into a bidding war!). It’s totally crazy. However, we tried to be as patient as we could, not rush into settling or overspending and just trust God, and we ended up buying a house the day after we got back from Paris. Talk about an exciting few weeks! We actually had to buy it before seeing it in person (we did a Skype walkthrough with our realtor), so we still felt pretty nervous about it until we jumped in the car and drove down to see it the day our offer was accepted. Thankfully, we both loved it in person too and are really excited to make the space our own.

Of course, moving into that house means that we have to leave this one behind. If you’ve followed the blog for a few years, you’ll know how epic of a process it was to get this house looking like it does now. I moved out of our previous rental into this one and renovated it by myself while Todd was on a 3 month tour and it was excruciating. I mean, I love the house now, but it was the most difficult 3 months of my life both mentally and physically (read more here, here, and here). I still have physical limitations from pushing myself too far during that time. Never again. So, this time, we are building the whole thing around when Todd can be home to move with me and not letting me do nearly as much of the big jobs in the next house.

So, based on all that history, putting our house on the market this week was really bittersweet. My blood, sweat, and tears (lots of tears) went into this house and it’s going to be hard to leave it behind. Even more than the house though, it’s starting to sink in how much I’ll miss all the people and places we hold dear as well. Agh, I can’t even deal with that part yet.

Anyways, the last few weeks have been filled with a lot of work, excitement and joy, and the beginning pangs of a great sadness as well. Yes sir Bob, the times, they are a changin’.

xo. Laura

5 thoughts on “The Times (They Are A Changin’)

  1. Carina Saraco

    So happy & excited for you and Todd and this new Nashville chapter in your lives. God bless you lots in your new home!

  2. Kat

    It sucks to leave something you love behind, but I’m so excited for your new adventures in Nashville! I just watched Elsie’s new house walk-through video – I hope you do one, too!

  3. Elise Cooper

    Your house doesn’t even look real it’s so magazine perfect pretty. I can’t wait to see what you do in the next place. You have such a great sense of style I have no doubt it’ll be just as gorgeous.


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