July 24, 2015


So, we have officially been living in Nashville for one week now. The new house is still quite a mess even though I’ve gotten a pretty good amount of unpacking done already. I’ve been trying really hard to not overdo it this time on the painting etc. since I injured myself by doing too much too quickly last house, but boy is it hard to be patient with that sort of thing! Each surface I change to be more like “us” makes me breathe easier and a feel a little more at home, so it’s challenging not to barrel through the whole to-do list at once.

In case you are wondering, the ride up to Nashville with two cats was rather challenging, but we made it. Charlie was in my car and Mac rode with Todd, and poor confused (and sedated I might add) Charlie cried for the first two hours of the trip until she finally fell asleep for the last five hours. I hated seeing her all drugged up, but she literally would have been worked up for the whole seven hours if we hadn’t, so I was so grateful when she was finally snoozing in her carrier. Mac was much less nervous in Todd’s car, but once we got to the house and let them roam around, they both were pretty upset in the unfamiliar territory and walked around crying for hours. Charlie buried herself under blankets and inside empty bathroom cabinets for the next three days, but Mac was sweet enough to visit her in there a lot and doze next to her for company. Normally, she wouldn’t dream of letting him that close to her, but I could tell she appreciated the gesture in such stressful circumstances. Even though it’s only been a week, they seem so much more at ease and are even starting to explore the yard a bit. It hurt my heart to see them so confused and upset for the first few days, but I think they are at a good point for being only one week in.                                       Dress/ Asos, Shoes/Nasty Gal, Bag/Forever 21

I must confess that I’ve had very mixed feeling about the new location so far. Some days I feel positive and good about the move, but to be perfectly honest I also had a mini breakdown today where I texted Todd that “I hate it here” and “can we go home now?” He kindly reminded me that we sold our house, so no, that’s not really an option, but he brought me a cupcake to be a sweetie.

I’ve only been out only a handful of times this week that weren’t paint or grocery store related. My sister Rachel and her husband Jon came from Atlanta the first weekend to help us unpack and took us to an amazing dinner at Husk (so good!) and I popped out to meet my fellow BW Stacy for a lovely girls coffee. For the most part though I’m being a total Charlie so far and hiding in my cabinet, but I’m so grateful that I have my Mac(s) to keep me company in there. I’ll come out when I’m good and ready.

xo. Laura

17 thoughts on “Adjusting.

  1. Sarah Alves

    You are doing so good, Laura! You really are! Just wanted to give you some encouragement. My husband and I have moved to two new cities over the past three years and eventually they both ended up feeling like some level of “home.” Give yourself time and one day, when you least expect it, you’ll realize Nashville is your place.

    – Sarah Alves

  2. Kat

    Aw, that breaks my heart! But just like Charley, you’ll get more comfortable with your surroundings. In no time, you’ll love it! But yes, making your new house feel more like a home with painting and DIY-ing will likely make you feel better – and your readers (like me!) will love seeing what you do!

  3. Tori Channell

    You have no idea how encouraging it was to read this. I am moving with my 3 cats next week from Indiana to DC and none of them like driving. I also don’t feel comfortable in a place until the furniture is set up, pictures are hung and it feels like home. Reading about your first week helps me envision mine and will help me not panic when my cats hate it. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Holli Anne

    Sending you good vibes for adjusting and settling in your new home. I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your authenticity. Hope your love for Nashville comes sooner rather than later!

  5. Fa Alvaracas


    Poor Charley , I think That my heart would suffer just like yours only thinking what you just pass … But Is That … that pass, the only thing that you have to do now is make your house your home , and eventually the things would adjust … even Charley will feel beter …

    I can’t wait for see your new “HOME ” and all the things that you ‘ do and DIY’s there

    Saludos y Animo <3

  6. Brittney Guise

    Crying cats are the worst! Out cat Tinky is major baby and will cry for hours if he has to be inside.
    Praying for you girl! X

  7. Carina Saraco

    Hang in there, Laura! I know Stacy has been relating some great stories about your new town, and Bert and I had a nice little tour of East Nashville from our friend Chris Donohue. Lots of cool places there, but you still need to feel like you belong. Just give it time, and don’t forget you have a great husband (and 2 adorable cats) by your side.

  8. Alyssa J Freitas

    I want to tell you how much I appreciate your candor and honesty! It is refreshing to read a blog where the author is not maintaining an air of perfection and is showing her vulnerability. I am sure that as time goes on you will feel more at home; in the meantime I would suggest your try and go out at least once a day. Whether that’s to walk around a park or visit a coffee shop, you have to put yourself out there 🙂

  9. Kelly

    Good luck!!! You’ll do well there, moving is always very hard. I’m empathetic about your cats-in-the-car experience, my cat won’t stop crying just when we go to the vet so I’m sure that 7 hours would be the absolute worst.

  10. Nathalie


    I just wanted to say; hang in there! I think you’re doing great and you will get through it, Just know that I and other readers are wishing you all the best !

  11. Christina

    Moving is HARD, and moving with cats is the worst. I had a meltdown when I had to do it because I was so worried that they would be stressed out. Hopefully all is a little less stressful and unfamiliar now. Sweet husbands are very helpful!

  12. Kara

    We just moved too – only a couple miles down the road! – and I’ve been a stress case too. Buying a house and moving is a huge deal! Allow yourself time to settle in at your own pace 🙂

  13. Bekah

    You’re doing great! Nerves and adjusting are normal for any kind of move 🙂
    I remember freaking out a bit whilst on my recent travels – sometimes those home-y comforts are really needed. I was an ocean away from home though, so my BF bought me some macarons – almost as good as a cupcake 😛

  14. C.B.

    You’ll not only get used to it but when you’ve spent enough time there chances are it will feel more like home than your previous city did. I moved a lot as a kid and when I started highschool, I made my mother promess me to let me do my entire highschool in the same school for once…..at the end of my first year she moved us from Montreal to Ottawa (2:30 hours drive away, none of my family, none of my friends, no one I knew really). I was 13 years old, was getting into a new highschool starting from year 2 and had to addapt to a much slower paced city with people who spoke weird and had a totaly different culture than what I was used too. It’s been 14 years since, this is where I grew up to be an adult and even though my family is still in Montreal and some of my friends too, I have a life here and it’s nice. You’re an adult, you’ll do just fine, you just need a bit of time and once you’ve found your “favorite spots”, it’ll start feeling like home!

  15. Carla

    When I read this it felt like maybe a year and a half ago I could have written this. My fiancé and I moved to Nashville a little over two years ago. I have to admit that first year was full of tears, excitement, Ben & Jerry’s, and more tears. It wasn’t only a new place, it was a new culture for me too. Now looking back on it I am happy that I allowed myself to feel all those feeling because a year into our move I could finally call it home, and honest to God I never thought I would. But I did and you will too. 🙂

  16. Belén

    Moving is tough! Thanks for sharing its nice to hear the not so pretty too 🙂 I hope you know that a month (or three) from today you will laugh and remember this first few days with good memories only 😀 im about to move too and even if it’s scary it’s also very exciting


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