August 17, 2015

My 5 Summer Favorites

I know, I know, technically summer is winding down as people go back to school etc., but they don’t call August the “dog days of summer” for nothing—it’s hot! It was always some of the hottest days of the year back in Missouri and apparently that’s also the case here in Nashville as well. There are a couple of tricks that I use to beat the heat and they are my lifesavers in the sticky last days of summer.

1.) Humidity Proof Hairstyles: I use this festival hairstyle that I did on ABM last year all the time in the summer because not only is it a great option for pool or beach hair when you have to go from wet to dry, it’s also my best hair defense against humidity. Well, it doesn’t fight it, but it works the curling and  volumizing effects of humidity to my advantage—the more humid, the bigger and better the waves!2.) Body Spin Brush: Ok, you heard me sing the praises of my amazing facial brush this spring, but after a full day of moving/unpacking/scrubbing/sanding/painting in the summer heat, I can literally feel the sticky film of dirt and sweat covering my skin by the end of the day. I am obsessed with this body spin brush because it’s just like my facial system but has a giant brush head to leave me squeaky clean before I hop into bed at night. And it has several attachments so you can also do your face and pumice dry skin on your feet as well (such a trouble area for me!). I keep mine in the shower and used every attachment after a 16-hour work day this week and it felt so good to step out of the shower totally clean from head to toe.

To snag your own body brush at 70% OFF (yes, you heard right!), head over to Vanity Planet and use the code “GUMMERGALS” at checkout. You can also get 70% off most items in the store that are over 50$ with the code, so fill up your cart while you’re at it!

3.) Mid height sandals: Technically this is a bit of a new obsession with me. I used to be a “go big or go home” girl when it came to heel height, but I got a few pairs of mid-height heels last summer and I was instantly hooked. They are more comfortable in the long run then my sky high summer wedges (especially for park walking and what not) but just having that few inches makes legs look and feel longer when wearing shorts and summer dresses. I have several pairs now, and lately, they are the only shoes that I wear!

4.) Green Juice: There’s nothing worse than eating heavy food when it’s hot. You already feel sluggish from the heat and an overly full belly just makes me drag even slower. A light and refreshing green juice is my favorite way to start the day in the summer months. My usual juice is a pretty standard concoction of 1 green apple, handful of kale or spinach, 1″ of ginger root, half a lemon and lime (peeled), half a cucumber, 1/3 of a celery stalk, and 1/3 of a bunch of cilantro or parsley. I tend to like the kale and cilantro more than the spinach and parsley, but it’s good to mix up the greens so your body gets a variety of items. The apple adds a bit of sweetness and the ginger a bit of spice, I love it!

Casual Updo Hairstyles: Let’s face it, when it gets really hot, having long hair down just isn’t even an option. I use this knotted scarf updo all the time in hot weather and I love that it’s casual enough to wear with cutoffs and swimsuits but also looks put together enough to dress up when needed. I always have this hairstyle in mind when searching for vintage scarfs and it’s also a good way to add a pop of color as well.

The summer is my favorite time of year, so I’m not eager for it to be over (although I’ll certainly enjoy less bug bites once fall hits). Hope you’re finding your own ways to stay cool while the heat lasts. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have a lot of summer popsicle eating left to do!signature

8 thoughts on “My 5 Summer Favorites

  1. Kali Tunstall

    Hi Laura!! I love your personal style! I read all your posts over at ABM and love your posts here on BW too. Where do you find your mid height block heels? I’ve been looking for a good pair. Thanks!!


    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Thanks Kali! Those ones in the picture are from Nasty Gal, but I couldn’t find the link so I guess they are sold out 🙁 Try Asos or Zappos!

      Laura 🙂

  2. christine

    Can you share some of the names of your favorite lipsticks sometime? You always have the BEST pink shades (especially that frosty one I’ve seen) and I would love to know where you get them!!

  3. Gretchen Mason

    Thanks so much!
    Definitely going to try the spin brush – I have been wanting one for so long.
    How long is the code good for?


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