November 22, 2016

Baby (Gear) Fever!

While it can be a bit of a chore to compile our registry and general “needs” list for Bebe, the bright spot so far as been finding items that I’m either really excited to try or are just so darn cute that they make the shopping experience a bit more fun. Since we won’t know which gender we are having for another month I still get to dream a bit in both categories and I’ll probably add a lot more things once we get the word on boy or girl (although most of my clothing choices will probably be shades of black and white anyways, but hey, like mother like baby right?). These are a few of my gear crushes so far…

1. Hooded baby towels with animal faces are so incredibly cute that I just can’t stand it!!!
2. If you didn’t read any books about the hippo friends “George and Martha” as a kid, I highly recommend them for your little ones. They are simply precious.
3. Baby hats with little ears? Yes please!
4. If we have a girl, this flamingo onesie is happening for sure.
5. Thankfully, all babes look chic in a black and white stripe (and this one is organic too). And hey, it’s what this Mama wears a lot of the time too so we can be all matchy like really cool kids and their parents. IT’S NOT DORKY AT ALL.
6. A lot of nursing pillows have insides with chemicals in the foam or stuffing so I’d like to try this organic pillow that’s stuffed with buckwheat hulls instead.
7. I’m wanting to get a couple of rainbow colored toys for the nursery and this one is perfect!
8. I’ve heard good things from a couple people about aden + anais swaddle cloths and I love the sweet animal print on this set.
9. We support all things cats in this house and big cats (like this friendly lion rocker) count too!
10. I’ve only bought two things for Bebe so far, and this lion rattle is one of them. I couldn’t help myself…
11. …and speaking of being basically forced into something, this is the only other item I’ve bought. A WOODEN PIZZA TEETHER. Just think how cute they will look chomping away on this slice.
12. I love sweet little wooden toys like this elephant over flashy plastic gadgets any day of the week. Even if he didn’t get used, he would look so precious sitting on a shelf or dresser.
13. My friend recommended the SwaddleMe brand of sleep swaddlers and I was so happy to see they had some organic options as well for snuggling our babe all night long.

Well, I’m sure you can see why it’s so easy to give into the fever—the amount of adorable stuff is endless! Even though making our master list is a bit of a confusing mess a times, picking out some sweet things like these help break up picking out the boring items. Can’t wait to see what else I find!

xo. Laura

8 thoughts on “Baby (Gear) Fever!

  1. Julie

    I sewed our nursing pillow myself, in organic cotton and with spelt shells inside. You could totally do that yourself as well, such a creative mama 😉

  2. Nicole Chapman

    Rockabye Baby CDs were such a lifesaver. The Tool, Beatles, and Bob Marley ones totally calmed down my twins. I’d play it every night while we were winding down & reading. They’re 8 now, but man those were good times!

  3. Grace Wilson

    love the lists. Thanks for the wonderful tips. Find this very helpful and informative. Good to know there are moms that are ready and willing to share their ideas and experience to make mom life easier. Go Mommies!

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  4. Allison Fay

    You are right, IT IS TOTALLY NOT DORKY to match! I have a crazy love for B&W myself, so my son and I end up marching a lot of days. B&W stripes erryday!!

    Have you seen the Dockatot? It is my #1 thing I recommend- it’s expensive, but for us, it was worth it. Another thing I never thought I would do is cosleep- but motherhood will make you eat your words (or thoughts) in so many ways. My son, Roland had to spend about 5 days in the NICU when he was born (nothing serious, and thankfully he is healthy now). He was constantly hooked up to monitors that alerted us if his heart rate or oxygen level went out of range. The night we brought him home was so terrifying because there were no alarms! I realized then there was no way I could be in a separate room from my baby all night, so the Dockatot saved us. It’s perfect to snuggle them when they are so little and it made me feel safe about cosleeping because the raised pillow sides of it created his own little space in our big bed. It’s also so great for traveling because it’s so easy to take their bed/safe space along for the ride!


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