December 7, 2016
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Making Time for Mini Dates!

As my pregnancy progresses I’m trying as much as I can to still be aware of all the other important things in life than can easily be forgotten in the swirl of registry-making, book-reading, nursery-planning, and general research on the best stroller, etc. One of the most important areas to still focus on is getting in some good quality time with Todd whenever possible. I mean, I don’t usually have to concentrate on that real hard since he’s usually a.) not here to hang out with, or, b.) finally here and that’s all I want to do anyways since I missed him. With having him home a lot this fall (the best thing about “writing season” between albums for sure!) it’s totally possible to get used to him being around and then not make as much effort for little dates or outings like I normally would when time together is so short. Obviously I’m aware that having a baby can/will challenge your relationship a lot so I want to make sure we’re in a healthy place now beforehand and also enjoy our time together while we can.

That being said, I’m trying to be extra conscious of making time for little coffee or brunch dates throughout the week to soak up the togetherness and talk about whatever’s been on our mind lately (although lately for me, most everything on my mind is baby related so I have to try hard to not have that be the only thing I talk about!).
      Cat Dress/Romwe, Boots/Public Desire, Pink Jacket/Zara, Bag/Zara (last year), Hat/Target

We are also working on planning a babymoon trip maybe next month while I can still fly so that would be a fantastic thing to look forward to as well. I have literally no idea what Todd’s schedule will be like next year but I do know in this line of work that if you want to go on a trip and have an opening, you should GO! I’ll let you know where we decide once it’s finalized!

xo. Laura

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