December 19, 2016

20 Weeks Already?!

It’s a big week coming up! Christmas is this Sunday, I’m now at the 5 month mark in my pregnancy, and we are doing our big 20-week sonogram this week where we will also (hopefully!) find out if we have a Gummergal or Gummerguy coming in May. My cutie Mom wanted to do a little gender reveal party on Christmas day with my extended family so we are going to surprise ourselves too and wait until then to find out.

The biggest thing that’s happened lately I started feeling kicks around two weeks ago—YAY!! I never felt the “flutters” or “butterflies” that people usually describe, it was more like when you can feel your heart beating in some other area of your body. Just a tiny thump like a low belly heartbeat. It only took three days to go from wondering if that feeling was the baby to full on kicks that even Todd could feel from the outside! I can even see the belly move on strong ones which seems CRAZY. I think it just surprised me because I always heard the Mama usually feels the movements for weeks before anyone else can from the outside, but it was only 2 days for us! Todd is convinced that means they will be a great soccer player (insert eye roll emoji here).

I had started feeling SO much better around the 14 week mark, but the nausea has come back lately since I weaned myself off of my anti-nausea medicine after Thanksgiving (I didn’t want to have to take any meds longer than I really needed to just to be on the safe side). Even though it’s a bummer to regress in that area (had to bring my “emergency puke bucket” back into the car) it’s still nowhere as bad as it was in the beginning of the pregnancy so I’m still grateful for that! Now if I could only figure out this insomnia thing…trying more magnesium and tart cherry juice to see if that helps.
                   Dress/H&M (similar here), Boots/BCBG (similar here), Hat/H&M (similar here)

I’ve been buying a lot of non-maternity bodycon dresses lately since they are super comfortable (thank you inventor of preggo shapewear!!) and I can wear them after the baby as well. I don’t think I can stretch the bellies out to a 9-month bump, but they are great in the meantime! Even though I’m halfway through the pregnancy, I don’t think most people can tell when I’m out and about in a roomy sweatshirt and coat so I’ve thus far avoided any of the awkward advice/questions/comments/belly touches that a lot of pregnant ladies have to deal with in the grocery store (not looking forward to that!). A perk of being mid-pregnant in winter perhaps? Can’t wait to see that little baby this week, even if it’s only on a screen for now!signature2 copy

6 thoughts on “20 Weeks Already?!

  1. Ashley

    Ah, it’s so fun having a blog that I read and being almost exactly as far along as the writer of said blog! I feel like this entry came straight from my life.

    I’ve apparently been feeling the baby for literally weeks and had no idea. It didn’t feel at all like anyone described, I felt no flutters or taps. It feels like when you have a muscle twitch that you can’t control. Like when your eyelid goes a bit wonky and it twitches and stops, twitches and stops. I kept thinking “How strange that my lower tummy keeps having these muscle twitches, I wonder if I’m low on some vitamin or dehydrated or something?” Finally I realized, oh my god. That’s my baby. My baby has been moving and I didn’t even KNOW. What a doofus! Now i’m addicted to feeling it. I can feel it from the outside, too, but it’s too unpredictable for my boyfriend to feel yet. I can’t wait until he can feel it!

    We also have our 20 week ultrasound this week, and are going to do a Christmasy gender reveal with our families, although we’re not surprising ourselves. I’m making a pink or blue tinsel filled glass ornament for each family to unwrap, along with a boy or girl onesie if I can find a cute one before Christmas.

    I also started feeling MUCH better around 14 weeks, I suddenly had energy when my entire first trimester was spent having to take breaks between items of clothing when getting dressed in the morning. Unfortunately, my barf feelings have also crept back in, which is massively unpleasant. I keep gagging in public and it is mucho embarrassing.

    I am also happily avoiding strangers touching me because you can’t tell I’m pregnant under my winter coat! I do still have co-workers I barely know asking if they can touch my belly and I feel bad telling them no so I just let them. I should probably get a handle on that because I really don’t like being touched like that! And, a co-worker of mine asked a mutual work friend if I know who the father of my baby is, which was a super un-fun comment. Not looking forward to any more of those!

    Good luck with your anatomy scan this week!! What an exciting time.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Oh man, so many similarities!! Yes, muscle twitch is a good way to describe early kicks too! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

      Laura 🙂

  2. N

    Wow I have been reading your blog for a few years and you are one gorgeous soon to be mama! I feel so emotional just because I’ve been reading your blog for a long time and I would have been 27 weeks along this past Thursday and I can’t believe I would’ve had a baby bump like you do now. We lost our baby girl at 16 weeks in October and your baby posts are giving me hope and making me excited for us to try again. I hope that’s not tmi or weird.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Oh, I’m so sorry for your loss!! That must be so hard at times to see others going through their pregnancies. I’m glad to hear it also makes you feel hopeful about another pregnancy in the near future! I hope it goes well for you next time!

      Laura 🙂


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