April 10, 2017

#Gummerbaby Nursery Mood Board!

I love mood boards. They are actually a really helpful way to organize your visual thoughts and see how different items or colors work together in a room before they appear in person. Our nursery furniture is just being delivered this week (down to the wire, I know!) so I’ve had to be creative in making sure that items will work in the room once they arrive. I was feeling so antsy that the nursery was still completely empty as of a few weeks ago so I did what any sane pregnant gal would do and made a cardboard version of all the nursery furniture so I could start to decorate around it. That’s totally normal right?? I’ve actually done it before for different projects or to see if a furniture piece I couldn’t take back would fit into a space and while it sounds nutty, it’s SO helpful and totally works!

Anyways, we’ll see what the final results look like relatively soon, but I do have this perla chandelier already installed and it looks so good (I have a ton of Lucent Lightshop fixtures in my house—love them!). Still going to keep the white and brass thing going into the nursery so that it flows with the rest of the house, but pastel lavender is the main color of the room with some pink and pastel rainbow accents as well (this pastel wooden rainbow toy is perfect!). I can’t wait to see how this amazing lucite crib looks in the space and I think this clean modern white dresser will be a good compliment across from it (the top will be our changing pad station too). I’ve heard from a few mom that they really prefer a glider to a rocker just because of how little effort it takes to rock baby in it so I’m excited to try out this glider when it gets here.

That painted hallway in the top left corner of the mood board is at a local coffee shop here called Three Brothers and I kind of fell in love with it the first time I saw it. It’s just sooo cool. I wanted to do something similar for the baby’s room but with all symbols that meant something to me (or were just more fun for a baby’s room) so I spent a few weeks on that back at the end of my second trimester to get that done…can’t wait to show you it soon, I love how it turned out! I adore this organic pink dotted changing cover and crib sheet, but I’ll have to see if it looks too crazy with the patterned walls or not. To keep the cat theme running in the family, I felt Baby should totally have a lion rocker and I’m thinking this lion print would be cute in the room as well (although this pink moon print is so good too). Of course, black and white are still my go-to colors for lots of home things so items like this patterned milk blanket will fit in well with the nursery scheme and look at home in the rest of the house as well. When you are a bit OCD about color coordination like I am, finding sweet toys to match the scheme is also a must and cuties like this unicorn toy will be perfect to have within Baby’s reach.

Hopefully my cardboard palace will turn into a real nursery within a few days and l LITERALLY CANNOT WAIT until it all comes together—so excited!!!

xo. Laura

4 thoughts on “#Gummerbaby Nursery Mood Board!

  1. Adrienne

    I’m intrigued by your cardboard method! Are the furniture actually real-size or do you do shoe-box recreation of the room? I would love to read more about it in a post!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Oh no, they are full size to scale!! I’ll post you a picture of it once I show the whole nursery, it’s hilarious!

      Laura 🙂


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