July 18, 2017

Palm Print Fever!

Woah Mama! The whole “Body after Baby” experience is quite an interesting thing to go through. It’s been getting close to three months since Lola was born and it’s still a process everyday of getting used to myself in a new way. I definitely understand the impatient feeling of wanting to be back to your pre-baby body, like, yesterday, but I’m realizing that it took nine months to make that baby and all the body changes sooo it’s going to be a bit before things seem familiar again. ANNND before you say it, I’m also aware that some things will never be the same and that’s part of the joys of motherhood. Like, I’m pretty sure I just have a completely different belly button now aside from all the breast changes that come with breastfeeding…file that under the “self sacrifice” category, right?? Anyways, as it gets closer to the three month postpartum mark I’m starting to feel a bit more like myself and it’s been helpful and just plain nice to have gone out a few times feeling relatively cute (like our anniversary date night a few weeks ago). I’m still pretty obsessed with the high waist trend and I think I’ll be carrying that on for a while to help my core feel more supported as my insides knit back together.

             Sunnies/GAMT, Top/ROMWE, Bag/Similar, Jeans/Asos, Shoes/Steve Madden

I basically love a palm print in just about anything wearable (like this dress and my top above) and it feels like such an appropriate nod to summer as well. Lola is still in newborn sizes of things for the most part so it’s hard to find cute outfits that are small enough for her but I’m excited to Mommy/Daughter the crap out of some outfits later….can’t wait!

xo. Laura

5 thoughts on “Palm Print Fever!

  1. Trisha

    Lady you look great! I wish I looked this good after baby! Well, I kinda did, then the crazy pumping/breastfeeding started and I began to eat like a maniac and put working out on the back burner. You’re inspiring me to get moving!

  2. Manon B

    You look gorgeous !
    And once again thank you for sharing all the _real_ details too. I can’t wait to have a baby, and I think you helped me wanting it even more. As I was afraid that everything said about maternity and pregnancies was all pink and flowers and it seemed suspicious nobody was talking about the less nice stuff. So thanks for sharing it in an honest way 😉

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Well, there is some pink and flowers in there too for sure! But yes, also a lot of hard stuff as well so I think it’s good to have realistic expectations 🙂



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