December 18, 2017

Merry + Bright

While it basically took a whole week rather than one night to get up all the Christmas decorations this year (#momlife) it was definitely all worth it to finally have all the holiday sparkle up and running. I would probably play Christmas music all year long if Todd would let me, but since I only get a month to get my fill in, it’s basically playing around the clock these days. It’s mostly oldies, heavy on the Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin but we’ve got a few other staples like Last Christmas on there too (my favorite Christmas song!).

And speaking of Christmas music, Lola’s been playing along with all the Christmas songs on her toy piano—it’s SO CUTE and you can tell she really loves to play it now that she can sit up by herself. What a big girl!! I filled a bowl with disco ball ornaments this year and our front room looks amazing in the morning when the light hits them all—definitely leaving that bowl out for the rest of the year!Love those DIY stockings I made this year and that car marquee is still my fave decoration overall! Cats LOVE tree skirts!
Lately I like to play the Charlie Brown christmas record while I work during the day (that record player is SO pretty), I’m pretty sure that’s what Lola is playing along to above! Todd’s stocking from when he was a kid…so sweet! I’m still using a lot of the decorations I’ve gathered or made over the years but this year I added a display of Christmas photos from past Christmases and I feel like it’s a really special corner of my front room with lots of memories attached. I love the one with me as a baby with my parents in front of the tree and our pic with Lola came out so cute this year too! Only took a million photos to get one right, but hey, at least we got one! Only one week to go, here comes Christmas!

xo. Laura

7 thoughts on “Merry + Bright

  1. Dara

    Your cat looks so well-behaved! I don’t celebrate Christmas, therefore never have Christmas tree in my house, but I’m sure my cats would destroy it if I ever had one, LOL.

    Merry (early) Christmas from Indonesia!


  2. Cait

    I really like the idea of displaying old family Christmas pictures! My grandma has them on her door at Christmastime and I have friends who hang their own card up from each year – however you display it I want to see those childhood memories more!


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