August 24, 2018

Whatever Lola Wants

I swear we just got done with Lola’s “one year” molars maaaaybe two weeks ago and I can already see her canine teeth coming up to take their spot in her mouth. I feel like everything gets blamed on teething (being cranky, not sleeping well) so I wonder what we’ll have to blame things on when all her teeth are finally in? Hmmmm…anyways, I can’t believe that some fall items are starting to creep into my shopping cart even though we’re still using our little blow up pool several times a week in the August heat, but, I guess I’ll have to deal with it and accept that winter is coming eventually right?

1. Ugh, I love this little sweater—those sleeves!

2. Should probably get a pair of these for fall. Lola loves to be outside more than anything and she’s not interested in letting a little (or a lot!) of rain stop her.

3. Got these and these for Lola this month since she’s grown out of all her pants over the summer. I looove the prints but I also love that they are organic cotton which I’m trying to buy more of for the things I know she’ll wear a lot.

4…and speaking of that, I’ve been trying to get back to buying only organic items for pajamas since she spends a lot of time in them, and buying packs like these are the most economical for the hotter months. I’ll probably go back to pjs with long sleeves in winter, but onesies are great for right now.

5. Our favorite new bath/pool toy! She usually gets rather agitated when I wash her hair, but tonight she didn’t even notice since she was so engrossed in the cups.

6. We taught Lola to drink from a regular cup this week for mealtimes and she’s doing so well! I got these cups since they are small, stainless steel, and have a silicone gripper sleeve that helps her hold it (especially when the cup is slippery with food). There are still a few spills, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not, but all in all she’s learning quickly and less sippy cup time is better for mouth/teeth development too.

7. Planning on having her wear this for a family photo soon! We haven’t really done an official one since our Christmas card so it’s time!

8. I want to get her a pair of these since she’s been trying to wear my faux glasses around the house lately! I think since they aren’t dark like sunglasses, she keeps them on longer and thinks they are funny for some reason—it’s pretty cute.

I swear that besides Christmas the thing I look forward too most in colder seasons are big furry coats and boots so we’ll see if that same thing holds true for Lola as well! xo. Laura

14 thoughts on “Whatever Lola Wants

  1. Nicole Roe

    On amazon look up Kamik Toddler Stomp Boots. We own hear in 8 sizes and they have survived three boys. They have super cute colors.

  2. sandra

    hey laura, just wanted to say that all the amazon-links don’t work for me. I’m from europe and it always redirects to the german amazon site where it says the article can’t be found.. it’s a pity because i’m very curious what you like… 😉 🙂 just wanted to let you know.

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Aw, bummer! Yeah, sometimes certain sites don’t work in other countries depending on the store—sorry!

      Laura 🙂

  3. Katie

    Hello Laura! Love your blog and posts. I have a little girl who is just a bit younger than Lola (one year old in two weeks!). It’s fun to see what Lola is up to as it gives me a preview for what us coming up for us. Do you have any recommendations for parenting books, i.e. books about milestones, activities, etc. You mentioned that you are starting Lola on regular cups, and that hadn’t even crossed my mind! Wonder if you have any trusted resources/guides for things like that. Have a great week!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      Hmm, good question! My favorite parenting book is this book below but it’s not so much about developmental issues. Well, I guess it kind of is in that they just don’t really worry about that, they have a much more relaxed attitude that Baby will do things when they are ready so they don’t push them much (unless there is a real problem of course). I do like the Wellness Mama and Mama Natural blogs a lot though so check them out! We do more plant based eating than they do but otherwise they have a lot of great natural Mom information! We do look up montessori activities online to see if there are certain games or tasks that she might like for her motor skill age so that may be a good resource too!

      Good luck!

  4. Tiffany

    I love the idea of Christmas photos but do you think they’re worth it? Do you just use it to send it out to people? I always wonder if people get them and then just throw them out. Thanks!

    1. thebandwifeblog Post author

      I save mine from people every year and they make me happy when I get them in the mail (I put them on the fridge) so I like them!


  5. Tiina

    Hi. I know, I have a huge hate/love relationship with teething. My oldest, now 3yrs old, had a horrible time teething. He didn’t simply had one tooth at a time…….he had all four at the same time, the front, the canines, the molars were the worst!! EEEeek! He was not just cranky, he had fever, acidic stools equals horrible nappy rashes. : ( It was hell but only for a little while, thank goodness.
    I know not all parents like to medicate your little one, but sometimes for your own sanity and your little one’s give them a paracetamol syrup. Just to help with the worst of the pain. I’m in South Africa so I would give my boy Panado or Nerofen or Stillpyn syrup all approved by our Dr. For the fever we had to use Empaped suppositories (again not sure what the equivalent would be in USA) . The best for nappy rashes is put a ointment with a lot of Zinc in on and cover it generously with cornflour. Otherwise take the pacifier and freeze the teat in breatsmilk in a ice cube tray.
    Best of luck and remember…….this too shall pass. ; ) Plus every season with our children has their challenges and amazing times.

  6. Valerie Harris

    I bought my son rainboots with cats on them. They are orange and from the girl’s section at Target but he is a fellow kitty lover. Not sure if they can still be found…he gets lots of compliments!


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