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February 22, 2013

Giant Clothespin Refrigerator Magnet DIY

Let’s talk refrigerator magnets. I hadn’t really thought much about them until recently, but our new house is coming together quite well so far, and I think I get a little overboard about wanting EVERYTHING in the house to match (or at minimum just be plain awesome). Is that too much to ask?

Because of the move, we had to get a new fridge, and I just got around to noticing that our current refrigerator magnets do their magnatizing job quite well, but do not fit the matching or awesome criteria. Cute ones are actually not that easy to come by, so when I saw these jumbo clothespins at Michael’s, I thought they would make a great magnetic refrigerator decoration.

All I needed to turn them into respectable magnets was roll of magnetic strips (found at your local office supply store) cut to the right size. I added a thin line of super glue behind the magnet to adhere it more permanently to the clothespin, so I would suggest doing that to be extra safe. I also used an extra magnet piece at the bottom to make the magnetic bond to the fridge a little stronger since these clothespins were so big, but that’s easy enough to do (and you don’t want your pizza coupons falling to the ground, do you??).

How easy was that? So easy. Unless you super glued your fingers together trying to get that extra strong bond. Sorry about that. Any other things giant clothespins are good for?