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September 11, 2013

Dinosaur Ring Holder DIY

I didn’t watch Jurassic Park until I was in my mid twenties because I was too afraid of those creepy little raptor dinosaurs that scurry around and eat people. That fact has almost nothing to do with this DIY, but I just thought you should know.

The only dinosaur that doesn’t scare me at all is the brachiosaurus. I mean, if you were born at any point in the 80s, you just look at a brachiosaurus and think, “Little Foot? Is that you?!?” Because I’m a dinosaur genius (thanks Wikipedia!), I know that the brachiosaurus has its exceptionally long neck so that it can eat leaves off the tops of the highest trees. Although, if you ask me, I’d rather use that Audrey Hepburn breed of dinosaur to hold my rings for me- here’s how:

I bought a plastic toy brachiosaurus that was small enough to fit on a plain salad plate and spray painted him a nice shiny gold. In order to protect my rings from the spray paint, I gave my dino a finishing spray of a clear gloss sealer once the gold paint dried.

In keeping with the jewelry theme, I used a gold paint pen to draw some gemstones on the salad plate and sealed the plate with a layer of clear gloss. Once that was dry, I put a few dabs of Krazy Glue on my dinosaur’s feet, and glued him onto the plate.

Ok, ok, sorry for the dinosaur humor (she said without meaning it).

I love this little guy. He makes me happy every time I see him on my jewelry shelf. DINOSAURS RULE, EXTINCTION DROOLS!

xo. Laura