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February 7, 2013

(Strawberry) Heart Ice

Hooray for Valentine’s Day! With the big pink and red spectacle only one week away, I thought I would come up with a drink that Todd would love as a special treat. Now, two things that Todd loves are soda + strawberries, so I decided to combine the two using the heart shaped ice cube trays that are everywhere this time of year. I threw some fresh strawberries into my food processor and added a sprinkle of sugar over the top before pureeing it into liquid form. Once pureed, I poured the mixture into the heart ice cube trays and put the tray into the freezer to set. I put 4-5 frozen strawberry hearts in a glass and filled the rest of the glass with Sprite. I love the look of the frozen strawberries floating in the glass, but even better is the sweet strawberry taste that mixes into the drink as the strawberry hearts melt.

So easy and so cute. Try it yourself and let me know if you come up with another delicious flavor combination!signature