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October 4, 2013

Pet Toy Jar DIY

If you just said in your head, “I could really use more cat related projects in my life,” you’re in luck! So, you know how when you go to flea markets and you see all the porcelain cats, and the cats are all like, “Take me home with you!” and you’re all like, “No, I like cats, but you creep me out!” and they’re all like, “No, I’m so cute!” and you’re all like, “No, you’re not!”? Well, I know how you feel. I always have a love/youcreepmeout relationship with those little ceramic cats, but I finally figured out what to do with them; those statuesque felines make perfect toppers for a cat toy jar!

This is a easy-peasy diy. All you need is your cat figurine, a glass jar with a lid, silver spray paint (I love this Valspar brand, it’s really the best), and some Krazy Glue.

Use the spray paint to give your figurine a few shiny coats of paint and let the paint completely dry. Once dry, use a few drops of the crazy glue to adhere your kitty to the top of your jar lid and let the glue set. Fill the jar with your kitty’s favorite playthings, and you did it, you’re done!

It makes me happy to see all the colorful mice and jingle balls through the glass, but it would be extra cute to make a few more matching jars for food or treats as well.

As much fun as it is to do diy projects, the enjoyment factor always jumps up a few more notches for me when a cat theme becomes involved. Besides,¬†when it really comes down to it, who can resist a feline figurine? A kitty curio? A meowing mannequin? I’ll stop there…