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March 3, 2013

Sunday, Juicy Sunday

Please sing the title of this post aloud to the appropriately similar U2 anthem. Felt good, didn’t it? This has been a great weekend so far. One of my favorite couples (Bethany + Thomas) from college with came into town to stay with me this week, and we’ve had so much catching up and laughing ’til it hurts. Todd has been out with the band playing and writing for the new album for a bit, so as much as I wish he was here to hang out too, it’s nice that kitty-kat Charlie and I have some company while he’s gone.

Since this weekend has been full of delicious, but terrible for you snacks, I’ve been craving some fresh squeezed juice to help balance the level of junk food in my body. One pound of Chicken Ball spread can be erased by one pound of orange juice, right? I think that’s the correct ratio…

Anyhow, I love this little pink juicer and juice glasses that I picked up at Target a few weeks ago. They really do make me want to juice more often, just because of how cute they are! My brain is pretty gullible like that. If I could just find a line of adorable kitten-shaped vitamins, I’d probably be the healthiest person alive.

Winter is a great time for oranges, so sweet and delicious! Ok, ok, I guess winter does have a few perks…