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April 19, 2013

“Baby Soft” Pillow

I have discovered an amazing secret. In the midst of searching for fabric for my living room pillows, I found the section of the fabric store that holds the baby fabric that people use to make blankets and crib liners for their little bundles of joy. This section holds the softest fabric you have ever felt in your life. It’s like they took marshmallows, clouds, and kitten fur and knitted them into a rainbow of snuggley colors.

If we, as a society, feel that our children should have only the softest of textiles rubbed against their newborn skin, why don’t we also make this demand of our adult fabric? I mean, our skin just goes down hill from birth, am I right? Well, it usually takes a nosedive around the teen years and hopefully spikes back up for a bit (after puberty) before the wrinkles kick in, but that’s beside the point. If our skin gets worse and worse, I feel our fabric should be softer and softer as we age. No more puppy-tail-soft blankets for newborns, give them the rough stuff (like burlap or your courser linens) to toughen then up and save the feather light knits for us “older” folks.

That’s basically the long way to say I used baby fabric to make pillows this weekend. Love it. Love it so much.