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September 16, 2013

Gal Pal Interview with Stacy King

Photo by Elsie Larson

Although my life is a little different from most of the people I know, I’m certainly not the only band wife out there that gets to live this unique (and at times challenging) lifestyle. Since you get to hear my point of view all the time, I thought it would be fun to talk to a few other band wives to see what their take is on the band wife life.

One of my favorite fellow BW gal pals is the smart, funny, talented (and insanely gorgeous) Stacy King (of Eisley and Sucré fame). Stacy has the double challenge of being a band wife (her husband Darren King is in Mutemath with my husband Todd) and having her own musical career and tours to juggle. Darren and Stacy welcomed their first baby, Scarlett, last fall, so playing Mommy is now top priority for this blonde bombshell:

The BW: How has it been being a new Mom and having a traveling husband?

SK: So far it’s been pretty wonderful! His band had quite a bit of time off following Scarlett’s arrival. It just sort of worked out that way and we were both so thankful. We had the first few months to just relish being parents for the first time and enjoy every moment with her.

The BW: What’s the worst part of Darren being gone on the road?

SK: It can be challenging when he goes away because all at once you become a single parent and it can be a bit jarring at first. You just have to put your best foot forward. And after a few days you start to get a little more comfortable. But it’s never easy. I wish I had him all the time but it definitely makes our time together that much more special. And there is something about the going away and coming back together that is always romantic.

The BW: Are there any upsides to him being away?

SK: I spend every second with my sisters and their babies when he’s gone. It’s nice to be with my family, it helps SO much. If I didn’t have them it would be incredibly difficult! I lean on them so much and feel super thankful to have them close by.

The BW: What are your favorite things to do to fill the time while he’s gone?

SK: I mostly do typical girl stuff like watch a lot of dramas and silly tv shows like America’s Next Top Model with my sisters. Hey, I have to take advantage of my girly guilty pleasures while he can’t make fun of me!

The BW: Where’s your favorite place to visit Darren on tour?

SK: I’d have to say Portland. There’s something so dreamy about it and there is great coffee everywhere!

The BW: What grade would you give Darren at being a “band husband” when you’re on tour with Eisley?

SK: Haha! An A of course!! He is the best person to travel with because he loves it more than anything and he is great at finding cool things for us to do as a family on our days off like go to amazing art museums or play parks with Scarlett. He also takes me on lots of fancy dates in different cities. So fun!

The BW: Do you guys play music together when you’re both home?

SK: We do! We’re currently working on learning a little duet on the guitar together. He just started playing a year or two ago and he’s already better than I am. the song we’re learning is called “Lovers Carvings” by an artist named Bibio.

The BW: Did you always know that you would marry a musician or were you trying to avoid being a band wife?

SK: I think I figured I was bound to marry someone who was involved in the music industry because that’s the only type of people I had been around from the time I was 14. It was never a status thing. Infact, by the time I started dating Darren at 19 I had seen my fair share of “band boys” and was not too impressed with the whole idea of them. But Darren was different. He was extremely kind and outgoing. I was intrigued by him and the fact that he is a musician is definitely a plus because we both understand the lifestyle and are super supportive of one another.

The BW: What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about the band wife lifestyle?

SK: I’m not sure what misunderstandings people have about band wives. All I can say is that I feel so blessed every day to be married to a man who is following his dream. To get to support him and believe in him enough to make a lot of sacrifices. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Don’t you just love her?? I thought you would. My guy is actually at their house in Texas right now writing for Mutemath’s next album, and although I miss him tons, I know he’s in good hands if the Kings are watching over him. If you want to find Stacy on Instagram, you can follow her (and see loads of Scarlett pics) at @stacyking88.

Thanks for chatting with us Stacy, you’re the best! MWAH!