February 27, 2013

Black and White Dress + Blue Tights

Jacket/Forever 21, Dress/Kimchi Blue, Tights/Aldo, Shoes/Aldo

So one good thing about winter (it doesn’t have many good qualities as far as I’m concerned) is you can wear tights whenever you please. Legs blue from cold? No worries, your even brighter blue tights will mask the discoloration and propel your hypothermia hue into a edgy fashion statement. I know eventually my pink legs will feel the warm glow of the spring sun, but until then, tights all around!signature

4 thoughts on “Black and White Dress + Blue Tights

  1. Monica

    I love the pop of color from the bright tights. Great idea for spring outfits. This won’t just cover up the blueness of my cold legs, but also the pasty whiteness. God knows they need some sun as soon as possible.



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