March 5, 2013

Broken Links = Broken Heart (too dramatic?)

Sorry for all the broken links lately on the site. I guess Photobucket is having some major issues with their server this past week and it’s still not resolved…grrrr.

If I could type an emoticon here, it would be the big “thumbs down” emoji. I would type ten of them. I would make it my facebook status. I would then like my own status AND promote it on my home page (whatever that means). In other words, it’s super annoying.

I don’t how to fix their server problems, but if it involves a cartridge, they should blow hard directly into it and wipe it on their shirt. That’s the extent of my technology know-how from Nintendo in kindergarten.


5 thoughts on “Broken Links = Broken Heart (too dramatic?)

  1. Sarah

    this post made me laugh out loud because 1. I too always want to type emojis where emojis cannot go and 2. is there another way to make technology work other than blowing into it? Nope, there’s not. I really think that if I ever get the chance to meet you in person, we’ll probably become BFFL.

    1. thebandwife

      I know, Todd is constantly amazed by my lack of tech knowledge. I feel myself slowly turning into my mother, which is fantastic in a lot of ways, but terrible when it comes to anything with a button 😉


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