April 2, 2013

Geometric Pillow

Pillows make the world go round. Well, they may not really have anything to do with the earth’s rotation, but spend one night in a seedy hotel with a lumpy pillow and then tell me that you don’t care much about pillow plumpness. Aside from a cozy sleeping pillow, the next best thing is a freakin’ sweet throw pillow. Throws are great because you can change them out much more frequently (and economically) than you can a couch or a bedding set. I found this fabric last year at a fabric store here in town, and I’ve just been waiting for the right time to use it.

The time has come.

Now there are a ton of simple pillow DIYs on the web, so I’m not going to go super in depth, but it’s a relatively painless process if you have enough sewing sense to thread your machine. I cut the pillow 12″ square so I could reuse the stuffing from an existing pillow the same size (one that I was tired of looking at, of course).

Once the pieces were cut, I pinned the “correct” sides facing each other and sewed all around the pillow leaving a 1/2″ seam allowance. Make sure to leave a 2-3″ opening so that you can get the stuffing into your pillow before closing it up. Otherwise you are going to have a double layered napkin, not a pillow.

Turn your pillow inside out and use that 2-3″ opening to fill your pillow with whatever sort of stuffing you desire. Finish your creation with a hidden stitch to seal up the opening of your pillow and stand back to admire your work.

As far as sewing projects go, this is a pretty simple project. If I was really ambitious, I would have added a hidden zipper into the pillow so I could throw the cover in the wash. Ho, ho! Wouldn’t that be something! Well, there’s a lot of 2013 left, so maybe that will still happen…

Happy pillowing!


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