April 6, 2013

Basics + Brights

If you stalked me around town for a bit (and I sincerely hope that you are not that kind of creepy), you would find that most of my life is lived in some sort of leather jacket/denim combo. You would also find that my clothing choices tend to be a mix of my basic palate (black, gray, white) and some sort of bright color thrown in. Although, I must admit I do wear a lot of just the black/gray/white combo sans the aforementioned brights, but if I do too much of that I start to feel like I work as a hairstylist, Victoria’s Secret cashier, or hostess at a restaurant. So brights are a good idea to add when possible.

Bright denim has been my obsession this year, and this pool blue pair has seen a lot of activity since I purchased them. Most of that activity has been at the mall or obtaining caramel macchiatos, but whatevs.

Jacket/Forever 21, Shirt/Michael Stars, Denim/Rich & Skinny, Shoes/Jessica Simpson, Sunnies/Aldo

Next time I come back to this park, I better see some leaves budding, or there’s going to be trouble. Big trouble. I’ll take my macchiato to a different park that does have leaves. I mean it.


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