May 19, 2013

Laura Loves: Skull Edition

Skulls- everybody who’s anybody has one. I mean you LITERALLY have to have one to be considered a someone. Oh, sure, there are creatures like jellyfish that don’t have skulls, but you don’t see them on the cover of People magazine’s “Most Beautiful” edition, now do you?

My birthday was almost two weeks ago now, but I got two pretty sweet skull presents amidst the birthday booty. One was a skull bracelet from my brother and his girlfriend, and the other was number 5 on my skull roundup this week- a silver metallic skull from Z Gallerie courtesy of Todd. It’s actually glittering before me as I type this, sitting on my desk with its hollow sparkly eyes fixed upon me. Awesome.

Obviously, there’s still plenty of delightful skull treasure out there that I don’t own yet, so here’s a few of my top finds for this week: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

If you’re ever feeling low or down on yourself, just think, “I have a skull. I’m a SOMEBODY!”


3 thoughts on “Laura Loves: Skull Edition

  1. Kortnee

    Laughed my way through this post from start to finish. Loved it. And from now on, my down-day-matra: “I AM somebody.”


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