July 5, 2013

Red, White, and A Bit Blue

Hope everyone had a great holiday yesterday! I got to hang out with a bunch of my most favorite people (and their adorable babies), and although we got rained out for a bit (it was even hailing at one point-yikes!), we still had a blast. The only sad thing was that Todd was out of town for a show in Canada, and I always especially miss him when he’s absent for holidays. It’s not that I don’t have any fun, of course I do, but there’s always a little twinge of sadness when I know it could be that much better if he was joining in on the activities too. We carried on without him though and played yard games and ate ourselves sick on all the American food staples.

That precious baby’s name is Brooklyn and she belongs to my friends Candace and Tim. I think I have extra leg and arm muscles from bouncing her to sleep for an hour-so worth it though, she’s such a doll.

For some reason, I especially miss Todd when I have to watch fireworks alone- I guess that’s because (in my mind) fireworks are supposed to equal snuggles on a blanket with your guy, so it’s not the same when it’s just me with a belly that’s way too full of potato salad. I bought red and blue glow bracelets for the party, and I made Todd take one to wear up in Canada at the same time so it would feel like he was a part of the party. I mean, what’s more romantic than international lovers and their rave apparel? Nothing.


5 thoughts on “Red, White, and A Bit Blue

  1. tania

    my boy is always working in this special moments…its hard…we have a sweet baby girl and its so so hard for me…and for him..but…love its strong and its so cute and lovely the bracelets idea 🙂
    xoxo from spain 🙂

  2. Ashley

    My boyfriend designs special effects for tours and is gone quite a bit. It’s really hard to find people who really understand how hard it is, because everyone seems to view it as such a “glamorous” job. Often when I’m feeling sad, you happen to write a post that hits exactly on what I’m feeling. Of course I still have fun without him, but it’s nothing compared to when he’s here. Thanks for being so open and honest about the pros and cons of being involved in this lifestyle. You always make me feel a little less alone (cue music). Boyfriend is out with Justin Bieber right now, so at least your husband tours with good music! Haha.

  3. Alexandra Pettinato

    Being apart on holidays is always difficult! My boyfriend and I spent our first New Years in 4.5 years together as we rung in 2013. It was so special. His family is spread out all over the world so he is usually out of town for the bigger holidays. It was really nice to be able to go with him last year.

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com


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