August 7, 2013

Camel Cactus Planter DIY

Although it should be pretty well understood at this point that I love cats (like, a lot), it should also be known that I am really into camels. Ever since I visited Israel and Jordan last year as part of completing my master’s degree, I’ve been a little obsessed with the humpty-dumpty shaped animals. I saw a bunch of camel themed collectables when I was over in the Middle East, but I was already buying so much other stuff that I decided I couldn’t afford all the camels I wanted too.

Weirdly enough, I was vintage shopping in Springfield a few months ago, and saw this little white camel on a shelf. “Hmm,” I thought, “he looks just like those white camels I liked in Jerusalem.” I looked to see what was stamped underneath the figure, and, sure enough, it was the exact same one I had almost bought in Israel and it just happened to make it’s way to Springfield just for me. So crazy.

I thought that Bruce (I name all my camels Bruce) would feel most at home among cacti, so I used a gold Target bowl to make a cacti planter where he could live and hum the “Lawrence of Arabia” theme song to himself.

All I had to do was arrange the cacti where I wanted (while leaving a space for Bruce to sit), put some small stones at the bottom of the bowl (for drainage), and plant the cacti in their places with the help of thick gardening gloves and potting soil. A cute camel and adorable little cacti hanging out in the same planter-what’s not to love? It would also be fun to try and think of other themed animal/plant type combos, but for my taste, I don’t think it’s going to get any better than this…



18 thoughts on “Camel Cactus Planter DIY

  1. Tabea

    Aww, this is soo cute – I love camels!!

    What did you do your master’s in so that you could travel to Israel and Jordan? I’m intrigued!

    Love your blog!
    Lots of love from Germany!

      1. Tabea

        Wow, that sounds really intersting. Might need to change subjects 🙂 (too bad I’m on the finishing line of mine..)

  2. Lana

    Bruce looks fabulous nestled among the cactus. I’m now intrigued as to how many camel’s you have? I have a thing for giraffes. I guess you could say that are like long necked camels but that might be a bit of a stretch.


  3. Cristina

    I would LOVE to go to Israel. I think it’s really neat learning what other people studied in school. It’s so often got nothing to do with what they’re doing now. I like that.

  4. katie

    oh i hope at some point that you will share photos from your israel / jordan trip!!! love your blog. you have such a distinctive aesthetic, it inspires me to think about what aspects of a more pared-down aesthetic would be for me…


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