August 9, 2013

Nashville Jungle

Ok, ok, I know that Nashville, TN doesn’t exactly count as a “jungle” per say, but Todd and I took a trip down there last weekend for a Mutemath show and couldn’t resist a few photos when we found this little cove of leafy greens. It was raining a bunch that day, so everything looked super lush and shiny clean.

You can see that I couldn’t resist a jump for joy to be on a real road trip with my guy. I’ll put up some more photos from the rest trip soon, but, as a side note, isn’t my guy so handsome?

Yes, you’re right. He is…


5 thoughts on “Nashville Jungle

  1. Danielle & Dinosaur Toes

    The pictures are beautiful, and I love the jumping picture! I always try to look cool in jumping pictures but I end up looking like I’m hurt or like I have a really bad taste in my mouth; so consider me jealous of your jumping picture success!


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