August 12, 2013

Greetings From: Nashville (Part One)

So, I am a bit ashamed to say that last weekend was my first official trip to Nashville, TN. Technically I’ve been there before for a quick whirlwind visit in college nine years ago, but we didn’t get to spend much time in the city and only got to visit the touristy areas. Even though we were technically in town for Todd’s show, I was thrilled that this time around I got to spend a few days tearing around the city with my guy. Thankfully we know a bunch of people that are current or former Nashvillians, so we got the skinny on all the good places to go.

First on our list was Barista Parlor. Apparently it is THE place to go for coffee in Nashville, and it’s pretty obvious why as soon as you walk in. It’s definitely the most hipster coffee spot I’ve ever been to (I’m pretty sure that we’re not nearly as cool as we need to be to hang out there), and I’ve never seen an ambience theme that’s half nautical and half motorcycle. I’m not much for sailor stripes, but I dig the motorcycle look, so I still had plenty to appreciate.

We also scored some gourmet popsicles at a place called Las Paletas. Oh, who am I kidding, we went there more than once while we were in town! The first time I got a chocolate with mint popsicle and the second time I chose the lime with mint flavor. SO good. I heard they have an avocado flavor sometimes, but it wasn’t on the menu while we were there. Oh, well! We were too busy licking up the popsicle goodness to care…Coffee? Check. Delicious sweets? Check. So far Nashville is looking pretty good!

Let’s see what else they got to offer…

xo. Laura

7 thoughts on “Greetings From: Nashville (Part One)

  1. Phaze

    Great images, looks like you had a fab time!

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    Thanks x

  2. Victoria Smith

    Next time you’re here, go check out an awesome ice cream shop called Jeni’s ( in East Nashville. It is the best place EVER with the coolest, craziest flavors. I love to mix one of their crazy flavors with their milkiest chocolate in the world flavor. It’s perfect.

  3. Colleen

    Paletas is a great little shop, yes the avocado is AMAZING, and the sweet corn is a surprisingly delightful flavor as well! Barista Parlor IS “super cool”, but they make (hands down) the best mocha I’ve ever had! Hope you’re enjoying your time in Nashville!


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