August 30, 2013

“Are You A Blogger??”

So, while Todd and I were in Nashville earlier this month, we stopped to take a few street style photos after meeting friends for coffee at a cafe called Fido. I have to say, being relatively new to the whole photography thing, I still get shy, or just plain embarrassed, taking pictures in public spaces. I can be pretty upfront and vocal about most things in life (a skill that I learned, not one that I was born with) and I don’t mind being a bit ballsy when needed, but I still don’t enjoy drawing attention to myself in public places full of strangers. I’ve realized, however, that if one is trying to take pictures of life as it’s happening, one must put oneself in situations that may look a bit strange to those standing by.

Anyways, we were taking these shots when two girls passed us on the sidewalk and one excitedly said to me, “Oh, are you a blogger??” I immediately wanted to run away and hide. It was apparently so obvious that I was taking outfit shots for a blog, and I felt too embarrassed to admit it- someone had caught me red handed! I thought about saying “no” and just sprinting down a back ally, but I stopped myself. “Who cares?” I thought. “You ARE taking photos for a blog, you idiot, that’s why it looks like it. You’re never going to get any better at this if you have to take photos at night in deserted areas like a werewolf.” So I told the girl that yes, I was indeed snapping pics for a blog and told her the name of it. So there.

It may be a small step towards being a super-duper profesh photog/blogger, but every time I’m in a situation where I can push past the potential embarrassment and snap the shot anyways, I get a little closer to being as fearless as I would like to be.

17 thoughts on ““Are You A Blogger??”

  1. Sarah

    Hahaha I feel like such an ass when I say “hey dad, can you take a picture of my outfit for my blog?” I was just thinking about this situation the other day, and another way to go about it is to just yell “THIS IS FOR MY BLOG” before you take the pictures so everyone will just know and think “wow that’s a cool blogger lets get her autograph!”

  2. Crista

    OMG I can totally relate with you! I still get embarrassed/shy even when my family watches me take photos. I try to take my food shots when no one is home. Haha! We’re so silly…..

    I try to use foreign tourists as inspiration. They’ve always got their cameras out, obviously taking photos without any shame. So we can too. Without any shame.

  3. Meagan

    I don’t really do outfit posts, but I have become more vocal about what I’m going to do with the pictures I take, and that I write and have a blog that’s actually 3 years old!

  4. Annie Haase

    Haha this post made me laugh a little! I have been in the similar situation so many times! Strangers even call me out for Instagramming food….IT’S MY PHOTO PEROGATIVE!!

    At least you have someone taking your pics! Imagine how awk it would be if you set up a tripod smack dab in the middle of the sidewalk!

  5. Jill

    I had a similar incident a week ago while I was on vacation! Thankfully, the person didn’t actually come up and ask me (I share the same sentiment as you…wanting to run away and hide). But I did hear someone nearby say, “Don’t walk in front, they’re trying to take fashion-y type photos.” I probably should get over that fear though in case someone actually does approach me and ask if I blog.

  6. Ali

    I’m so glad to hear you have this issue too. In my opinion your blog is amazing & über professional so if you feel this way it gives absolute amateurs like me some hope. Love your sense of humour and laugh out load reading your blog more than any other. Keep ’em coming please.

  7. Kamile

    There’s no shame in being a blogger. I think you should even be a bit proud about it because your blog is beautiful and interesting to read. Good luck!

  8. Alison

    Yes! I know exactly what you mean – that’s one area of my blog I haven’t developed because of the fashion-photo-challenges. I love your site, though – you do an awesome job! We’re all just human – everyone’s learning and new at something!

  9. Lyndsay Johnson

    Haha! I’ve learned to stop being ashamed of what others think as well. It definitely is something that has to be learned, at least for me. But I always find that people are judging less often than you think!

  10. katie

    ooo taking photos in public places can be embarrassing… thanks for the pep talk and sharing your decision to be bold, i think we all needed to hear it!


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