October 2, 2013

Polka Dot Two Piece Dress

I have to say, of all the trends that have appeared over this past year, the matching top and skirt that appear as one (but are actually two) is a particular favorite of mine. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if I could pull the look off, but I took this outfit for a spin recently and I think it’s definitely a keeper. In fact, Todd is leaving again soon (boo!) to go back to Texas and continue writing/recording for the next Mutemath album, and I think I’m going to wear this out for our last night on the town before he leaves.

Skirt + Top/Forever 21, Shoes/Steve Madden, Sunnies/Forever 21

It’s always a bit daunting to wear something different than your usual look, but if you don’t try something new, how will you ever find new favorite pieces or silhouettes?

By the way, another great thing about this trend is that you can wear the two pieces as separates as well. Oh, sure, they’ll miss each other, but they can tell the other one all about their adventures when you hang them back together again at night. Because clothes totally talk to each other at night when you sleep…duh.


14 thoughts on “Polka Dot Two Piece Dress

  1. Magdalena

    You look gorgeous on that trend! I don’t think I can pull it off, I’m a bit too self conscious about my hip to use that type of skirt but high five for you for trying new things!

  2. Dayna Reyna

    Laura, I have just discovered your blog and am already a huge fan! I love your writing and the variety of posts you have. Your style posts are so great, I love this look on you! I have recently started my own lifestyle blog and this makes me even more excited to put work into it. Excited to continue keeping up with The Band Wife!


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