October 28, 2013

Take A Moment And Breathe…

I always look forward to the weekend (especially when Todd is home), but this weekend was not exactly the relaxing break I was hoping it would be. With the days getting shorter and shorter, I’m forced to move all my blogging activity to the weekend when I can get some daylight for photos. Of course, this lack of daylight is a common frustration for bloggers who have day jobs, but I have to say, the time commitment was getting to me this weekend (and I don’t even post that much compared to most bloggers!).

All that to say that I forced myself to take a bit of time Sunday afternoon and take a slow walk around the pond with Todd at our favorite nearby park. I didn’t really feel like I had time to go, but I could tell I needed a break from all the blog bustle, and I was right. A bit of time outside and a sunny park bench reminded me to slow down a bit and remember what’s important.

This is actually the park where Todd proposed to me, so it’s an extra special place to relax and reconnect for a bit. Hope you got a chance to fit in a bit of relaxation this weekend; here’s to the start of a great week!


7 thoughts on “Take A Moment And Breathe…

  1. Magdalena

    So sweet! My husband proposed to me in a park too (my favorite spot in Central Park), now I want to stop working and go sit there for a little while. Sometimes a little stroll on the park entirely changes your day!


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