November 6, 2013

Small Bedroom Gallery Wall

I used to think that bigger was always better when it came to wall decor. If I had a large empty area to decorate, I always went straight for the biggest canvas possible to accent the space. Although I am still a fan of big statement pieces, I’ve also come to appreciate the smaller touches of art over the past few years. Gallery walls are the perfect way to combine both ideas and incorporate smaller individual touches while making a large impression overall.

I put together this gallery wall in our bedroom over the last few months and decided to add as many personal touches to it as I could. The pretty kitty in the corner is Charlie (of course) and I saw the baby camel next to her during my camel ride through the Wadi Rum desert last year (that’s in Jordan by the way if you didn’t know- one of the prettiest places on earth). The two album covers are some of our near and dear favorites, and the photo of Todd and me is from our third anniversary trip to Kansas City this summer.

It’s a simple layout, but I’ve been enjoying that corner of our room a lot more since we put the gallery wall up (although the restyle of this mid-century chair helped too). And, of course, anytime I can add a shiny skull to a space my satisfaction level goes up a bit, but that goes without saying…


11 thoughts on “Small Bedroom Gallery Wall

  1. Rachel

    I love well arranged groups of items that make take a closer look at everything that is going on. These stand out nicely on that wall color.

  2. Alexa

    I am in love with this wall color. Could you share the name and brand? Sorry if this has been shared on a different post – new reader 🙂


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