November 8, 2013

Wedding Album (& A Fight Inside My Brain)

I consider myself a relatively organized person (most of the time anyways), but I can’t help feeling like my brain is a constant war zone between split personalities: one side is an organized, responsible, functioning adult and the other side wants to blow everything off and shop online for dresses with cats on them while splitting a bottle of Moscato with myself.

Case in point- our wedding album. We got married on July 9th, 2010, and I immediately earmarked a few hundred dollars in our savings account in preperation for purchasing a proper wedding album. Responsible adult. However, I just got around to making the album this month (three years later). Internet cat shopper. I also searched for an online deal to get the book for a lot cheaper than it’s retail price. Organized human. I didn’t use the deal before the deadline passed and lost the big discount. Moscato Mamma.

Either way, I’m thrilled to have the book finally done and sitting on our coffee table. I adored our ceremony and reception and now I can walk down memory lane whenever I like. There’s just something about a printed photo that’s so different from the same file on your laptop, don’t you think?

Anyways, I put aside more money than I really needed to make the book (mature) and I so I decided to buy myself a pair of new shoes with the extra cash ( Oh well, you win some, you lose some!


9 thoughts on “Wedding Album (& A Fight Inside My Brain)

  1. Holly

    You HAVE to check out – they are the most simple website for photo books and the most beautiful I have every seen. And really affordable. Seriously – so gorgeous! I think they’re just about to launch an iPhone app to make it even easier to do too!

    Your wedding book is beautiful though! I’ve been married nearly 7 years…and I think I looked at my wedding pictures like twice because there are like 3000 of them! It’s overwhelming to think about doing a book, but this post motivates me and I just need to do it.

  2. Jenna

    Welp… I’ve been married over 11 years and I STILL have not made my wedding album even though I bought all the supplies before the wedding and have all the photos (11 years ago was pretty much before the digital age so I don’t even have that excuse!). I’m not sure what my deal is. Before I got married a co-worker told me I’d never actually make my album and that I should just have it done. I scoffed at her and was like, ‘you don’t know me! I’m super organized and crafty and awesome!’… yeah, well, whatever… Thank goodness my mom made me a mini scrapbook of lots of lovely pics from the day so I have SOMETHING to look at and show people… 🙂 Anyways- yours is LOVELY!! 🙂


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